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• 29m

first page pretty much finished

sorry for spamming so many updates, but just a quick thing: im too lazy to draw each individual beeling, so imma just draw some heads hope its ok

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• 1h


ive been threatened

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• 2h

Crazy Day

I did a stick bug with #12 on the honey leaderboard

I got a rascal bee egg from a ladybug (sorry, no pic of token)

I got a honeybee egg from a cave monster (thank you taduchuygo!)

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• 3h

Will Festive Bee Be Available In Ticket Tent?

I didn't understand. Will it be available in the tent later? Thanks for replying.

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• 4h

New stuff! and

Images/f_39test1 ROBLOX
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• 5h

New audiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

They have weird sounds now. Maybe the wind thingy is like a cloud field or something? Also, will there be a new "vial" item?

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• 6h

im back

sorry i was a bit inactive those days ago (i was blocked for a week)

i accept my mistake and lets go back to the wiki

i have finally reached over 150 million honey (i know im a noob lol)

i have bought a vip server for jailbreak if anyone wants to join contact me with ur name

and i saw zlib playing yesterday

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• 7h

Stick Bug Team For Gold

I have wanted to finally get that elusive gold stick bug amulet. everytime that I do stick, im the only person with TSS. the only person with demon mask. usually im also the only person with silver stick bug amulet. in feel that I could do better if I had a team that was closer to what I have. This team could potentially give me that push I need for the gold stick bug amulet. these requirements will be hefty, and don't be surprised if you cannot hit them!


Demon Mask

Full hive of level 10 bees or higher

Gifted Vicious Bee level 11 or higher

hive of 40 bees or more

must be willing to use oil during stick (and stingers are nice too, but optional)

a silver stick bug amulet (to prove that you can already go to a certain point)

Must be able to summon Stick Bug

I wonder how many people can meet the requirements above? I already know that I can, but who else? and yes, I actually want to do this. to apply, just state your ign, and send me a friend request. before we do stick, id like to see your stuff to prove that you actually meet requirements. Or you can post proof in the comments below.

People in the stick bug team:

Slot 1: XxBismuthxX (ign: Bismuth_clashroyale)

Slot 2: Emmy0109 (ign: Emmy0109)

Slot 3: Scardera (ign: Gui_ours)

Slot 4:

Slot 5:

Slot 6:

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• 15h


We have new decals and audio. The bee face kind of looks like it’s blowing something, but what sound would it make? That’s right, a windy noise, or more specifically, a gust. So this new bee makes wind gusts, that’s pretty cool. I wonder what it will do. What’s its name? Windy Bee? Gusty Bee? Who knows, but this is all just speculation. Share your ideas below.

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• 15h

And so it begins...

I hatched tabby bee and got honey ace today.

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• 16h

OMG new AUDIO is very SCARY - not clickbait!/audio

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• 16h

My greatest BSS achievement so far

I know that to a lot of users on this wiki, this isn't much. Considering I have only made 3.4 billion honey and haven't played the game actively in over a month, this is huge for me. Next up is 36th hive slot...

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• 18h


lololol it gave me a gifted cool dupe rippp :(

edit: i blackmailed ryan into being my friend, no one can stop me now >:D

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• 18h

I was bored of waiting for the field booster so I made this.

  • ok
  • sub 2 pewds
  • #Onett4Smash
  • idek anymore
  • lol
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• 19h

answer poll, if you want to.

(also, just because I don't edit and post much, doesn't mean I'm inactive. in fact, I stalk the posts to make sure they're good.)

Which badge did you collect first?
  • Quest Ace (eeee)
  • Honey Grandmaster (eeeee)
  • None. (hmm)
  • I magically got both at the same time :DDD (yeah right)
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• 19h

What should I use my star treat (when I get it) on?

what should I use it on?
  • Photon Bee
  • Festive Bee
  • Gummy Bee
  • Crimson Bee
  • Cobalt Bee
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• 20h

Just updated my profile.

It looks simply amazing, although I spent 1 hour coding it all, at least I practiced some Wiki Code and got better at it.

About the poll at the end...

  • BYAN
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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