Bees (zu Deutsch Bienen) sind die wichtigsten Elemente im Bee Swarm Simulator.

Funktion Bearbeiten

Bienen folgen dem Spieler und sammeln automatisch Pollen von den Feldern. Sobald man zum Bienenstock zurückkehrt, wandeln die Bienen dort den gesammelten Pollen zu Honig um. Dieser kann zum Erwerb von nützlichen Items verwendet werden.

Die Bienen verteidigen außerdem den Spieler vor diversen Gegnern, wie Ameisen oder Skorpionen.Die einzigen Bienen, welche man bekämpfen kann sind die Fiesbiene und die Wind / Sturmbiene

Arten Bearbeiten

Common Bearbeiten

Hier werden alle gewöhnlichen Bienen aufgelistet, zu denen jedoch nur die Basic Bee gehört.

Biene Beschreibung
Basic Bee Basic Bee An ordinary bee. Well rounded and hard working!

Rare Bearbeiten

Hier werden alle seltenen Bienen aufgelistet.

Biene Beschreibung
Bomber Bee Bomber Bee This crafty bee makes bombs which collect pollen from all nearby flowers.
Brave Bee Brave Bee This loyal bee will do anything to protect its owner.
Bumble Bee Bumble Bee A mellow fellow who moves a little slow. but works harder and longer than others.
Cool Bee Cool Bee A sarcastic bee who's a little better than the others. Sometimes boosts pollen from Blue flowers.
Hasty Bee Hasty Bee A quick bee who always zips arounds. Sometimes it even makes YOU move faster.
Looker Bee Looker Bee This bee is always watching and gaining valuable insights.
Rad Bee Rad Bee A stylish bee with a taste for red flowers. Everyone wants to be him.
Rascal Bee Rascal Bee A mischievous bee who moves quick and hits hard. Keep an eye out on this one.
Stubborn Bee Stubborn Bee A hardheaded bee who can't be bossed around. It tells others where to go.

Epic Bearbeiten

Hier werden alle epischen Bienen aufgelistet.

Biene Beschreibung
Bubble Bee Bubble Bee As a larva, this bee lived in the ocean. It loves Blue flowers cause they remind it of home.
Bucko Bee Bucko Bee Leader of the Blue bees, and a long time rival of Riley Bee. Its tenacity is its greatest strength.
Commander Bee Commander Bee A strong, no-nonsense bee who stays level-headed when things get rough.
Demo Bee Demo Bee An elite Bomber Bee who has worked its way up the ranks. It is an expert in explosives.
Exhausted Bee Exhausted Bee This bee suffers from insomnia. It moves slowly, but it never has to sleep.
Fire Bee Fire Bee As an egg, this bee was accidentally left in the trunk of a car in the middle of the summer for over 3 days!
Frosty Bee Frosty Bee A bee made of snow. It magically came to life after someone put a top hat on its head.
Honey Bee Honey Bee A satisfied bee always full with the finest honey. If you're lucky it will share some.
Rage Bee Rage Bee A very angry bee who has been wronged its whole life. It harnesses its rage to become more powerful.
Riley Bee Riley Bee Leader of the Red bees, and a long time rival of Bucko Bee. Its fiery nature has elevated it above the rest.
Shocked Bee Shocked Bee This bee is startled by everything it comes across. It has learned special talents to cope.

Legendary Bearbeiten

Hier werden alle legendären Bienen aufgelistet.

Biene Beschreibung
Baby Bee Baby Bee This little bee isn't very good at bee tasks yet, but it's guaranteed to bring you joy (and luck).
Carpenter Bee Carpenter Bee A bee with a knack for construction. It built its own body out of wood.
Demon Bee Demon Bee A powerful bee with magical powers fueled by pure hatred.
Diamond Bee Diamond Bee An extremely wealthy and pompous bee who has the money and talent to justify its attitude.
Lion Bee Lion Bee Half lion, half bee. This is the king of both the jungle and bee hive.
Music Bee Music Bee This bee's buzz is so beautiful it can bring anyone to tears. It uses this gift to motivate others.
Ninja Bee Ninja Bee This bee trained vigorously for years to become the swiftest bee that has ever lived.
Shy Bee Shy Bee This talented bee doesn't like to socialize. It just wants to work and be left alone.

Mythic Bearbeiten

Hier werden alle mythische Bienen aufgelistet.

Biene Beschreibung
Spicy Bee Spicy Bee Some like it hot - this bee likes it scorching. Even the honey it makes is spicy.
Tadpole Bee Tadpole Bee A tiny amphibious bee who wants to become a frog when it grows up.
Vector Bee Vector Bee A bee brought to life by an extremely complex trigonometric equation.

Event Bearbeiten

Hier werden alle Bienen aufgelistet, die man nur durch besondere Events erhält.

Biene Beschreibung
Bear Bee Bear Bee A friendly bee who transforms you into different bears!
Cobalt Bee Cobalt Bee A superhero and defender of all things Blue! Together with Crimson Bee it works to unite bees of all colors.
Crimson Bee Crimson Bee A superhero and defender of all things Red! Together with Cobalt Bee it works to unite bees of all colors.
Festive Bee Festive Bee A jolly bee who loves giving gifts! It's purely motivated by the joy of others.
Gummy Bee Gummy Bee A squishy bee who's sweet as sugar. Covers flowers in goo to grant you bonus honey!
Photon Bee Photon Bee An entity made of pure light temporarily taking on the form of a bee.
Puppy Bee Puppy Bee A playful bee who only cares about two things, its tennis ball and you!
Tabby Bee Tabby Bee This affectionate bee was raised by cats. It becomes a better worker as it warms up to you.
Vicious Bee Vicious Bee This cold-blooded bee takes great pleasure in inflicting pain.
Windy Bee Windy Bee An ethereal bee as powerful and unpredictable as the weather.
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