An amulet is a type of item introduced in the 7/11/2018 update. They grant several buffs to the player and/or their bees and can be obtained by completing special challenges, which are defeating the King Beetle, discovering gifted bee types, participating in the Ant Challenge, using the Moon Amulet Generator (requires 100 moon charms to activate), defeating the Stump Snail, or having at least 1 million (1,000,000) score and at least a level 5 Stick Bug in the Stick Bug Challenge.

Scheme Of Table


The scheme for the Ant Amulet.

This scheme shows a table with the player's amulet type as well as other rewards. If the player has obtained the amulet from the Ant Challenge or Stick Bug Challenge, their score will be shown above the rewards.

Clicking "Keep Old" will cause the player to keep their amulet, and clicking "Replace" will cause the player to receive a confirmation message if they want to replace it. If the player has agreed to replace their amulet after the confirmation message the player's old amulet will be replaced with the new one. This cannot be reversed. Note that the drops will still be received even if the player didn't replace their amulet.

As of 6/6/2020, a confirmation message will now appear if the player tries to replace an amulet.

The confirmation message that appears when the player wants to replace their amulet.

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