The Ant Gate, also called the 20 Bee Gate, is a gate that requires 20 bees to pass through. It is found near the Noob Shop, behind the traveling/event bear (e.g. Sun Bear) area. The gate gets its name from the large army ant on it.



  • This gate and the Bear Gate are the only gates that don't have a bee to represent them.
  • This gate and the Windy Bee Gate are the only gates in the game that don't have a royal jelly token in the area behind it.
  • The Gummy Bee Egg Claim is near it, to the side of the Ant Gate closest to the hives
  • There is a ticket token on top of the gate. 
  • The army ant on top of the gate has glowing eyes, but in the Ant Challenge, army ants (and all the other ants) do not have glowing eyes. 
  • As of the 9/28/2019 update, you will get teleported back to spawn if you manage to bypass the gate.
  • There is a secret path behind the Global Top Ant Exterminators Leaderboard, which leads to an Ant Pass and the Gummy Bee Egg Claim.
  • This and the Lion Bee Gate are the only gates without any quest givers behind them.
  • This and the Basic Bee Gate are the only gates that lead to an area where there is nothing able to be purchased with honey.
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