Ant pass

The design/GUI of an Ant Pass.


An Ant Pass as a token.

An Ant Pass is a consumable item which is required in order to participate in the Ant Challenge. You may only have a maximum of 10 Ant Passes in your inventory at a time (unless you had more than 10 passes before the 4/5 update).You can use an Ant Pass by stepping on the pad in front of the Ant Challenge and pressing E on your keyboard or clicking on the notification. 

Methods of Obtaining

  • There is a Free Ant Pass Dispenser past the Ant Gate which can be used every 2 hours.
    • If you already have 10+ Ant Passes, you cannot claim a free Ant Pass from the Free Ant Pass Dispenser or use the Ant Pass Dispenser. 
  • There is an Ant Pass Dispenser next to the Free Ant Pass Dispenser which gives a pass for 10 tickets with no cooldown.
  • Ant passes are sometimes available from the Robux Shop, generally combined with other things in sale packs.
  • Panda Bear gives out ant passes for some of his quests.
  • Finishing B.B.M. Mission will reward an ant pass.
  • There are two ant pass tokens hidden in the game.
  • King Beetle and Tunnel Bear may drop ant passes when defeated.
  • From the codes "ExtraPass" (expired) or "SecretProfileCode" (valid).


  • If you find an ant pass token, it will say "You found a ant pass" instead of "You found an ant pass."
  • It is possible to have more than 10 ant passes in your inventory. This is because players who got more than 10 ant passes got them before the 4/5 update.

    A player with more than 10 ant passes.

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