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Ant Pass
Ant pass.png
"Grants you 1 admission to the Ant Challenge."
No cooldown

An Ant Pass is an inventory item that is required in order to participate in the Ant Challenge. Players can only have a maximum of 10 ant passes in their inventory at a time (unless they had more than 10 passes before the 4/5/2019 update, purchased them from robux packs, or received them from quests).

An ant pass can be used by stepping on the pad in front of the Ant Challenge and pressing "E" on the player's keyboard or by clicking on the prompt.

Methods of Obtaining

  • There is a Free Ant Pass Dispenser past the Ant Gate which can be used every two hours.
    • There is also an Ant Pass Dispenser to the right of the Free Ant Pass Dispenser which gives an ant pass for 10 tickets with no cooldown.
    • If the player already has 10+ ant passes, they cannot claim a free ant pass from the Free Ant Pass Dispenser or use the Ant Pass Dispenser.
  • Completing Panda Bear's Ant Questline rewards an ant pass after every quest.
  • A possible reward from a rage aphid, King Beetle, and Tunnel Bear when defeated.
  • Defeating the Commando Chick will reward ant passes if the player reaches certain milestones.
  • Ant passes are sometimes available from the Robux Shop, generally combined with other things in sale packs.
  • There are two ant pass tokens hidden in the game.
    • Behind the Ant Challenge (go behind the Top Ant Exterminators leaderboard, then follow the hallway).
    • At the very back of the Star Hall behind the Supreme Star Amulet Generator.
  • Redeeming the code "SecretProfileCode" gives 1 ant pass and other stuff.

The methods below are no longer possible.



  • If the player finds an ant pass token, it will say "You found a ant pass" instead of "You found an ant pass."
    • The plural of an ant pass is incorrectly spelt as "ant passs".
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