The Aphid is a mob that has a low chance of spawning from collecting leaves (though the chances can rise if a player hasn't entered the field in a long time). Due to this feature, its level and health correlate to which field the aphid spawns in, like Rogue Vicious Bee. Sharing a similar trait with Tunnel Bear, Coconut Crab, chicks, hostage chicksWild Windy Bee, and the Mondo Chick, aphids despawn after 30 seconds. The timer is shown above its health. Aphids attack in a similar pattern to stick nymphs, as it follows the player around slowly. When no players are in its range, it will move back to the spot it spawned from.

Defeating an aphid awards 10 battle points (20 if defeating 1 of the 3 rare types), bond, and various other rewards. Some rewards only drop on a cooldown, meaning that a reward may not reappear for some time. The chances and cooldowns of some items are also affected by the amount of players nearby.


Aphids always appear as 1 of 4 different types: Normal, Rage, Armored, and Diamond. Different types of aphids may spawn at different encounter rates. Rewards vary between these types.

Normal Aphid


This is the most common aphid that can be encountered. They possess the least amount of health and deal the least amount of damage out of all aphids. They resemble forms of green bugs with red eyes, neon yellow legs, and antennae. Rewards given are better by Aphid Level.


Rage Aphid


The Rage Aphid is one of the 3 rare types of aphids. Rage Aphid has more health than a normal aphid and can inflict massive damage to players. They look like red bugs with green eyes, legs, and antennae, looking similar to a Gifted Rage Bee and Gifted Spicy Bee. Rewards given are better by Aphid Level.


Armored Aphid


The Armored Aphid is one of the 3 rare types of aphids. The Armored Aphid can take more hits compared to other types of aphids, allowing it to survive for a larger amount of time. It looks like a gray metallic bug with red eyes, black legs, and antennae. Rewards given are better by Aphid Level.


Diamond Aphid


The Diamond Aphid is one of the 3 rare types of aphids. The Diamond Aphid possesses more health than the other aphids, which allows it to survive for a longer period of time. It looks like a sky-blue bug with white eyes, legs, and antennae, looking similar to a Diamond Bee. These aphids are the hardest to defeat. Rewards given are better by Aphid Level.



  • Jumping and/or running around aphids will work effectively since they follow players around slowly.
  • If players cannot defeat an aphid, running away from it may work out better than trying to attack it, as aphids slow down players' collecting process.
  • Aphids are public mobs, meaning other players can collect the drops regardless of whether they attacked it or not.
  • Using stingers will help kill aphids.


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