The Badge Bearer's Guild.

The Badge Bearer's Guild is a shop located near the Pine Tree Forest. The player will need at least 15 badges to be given permission to enter the shop.

The shop sells a set of tools called sprinklers. There are currently 5 sprinklers that can be bought in the shop. The player can also find the Blender here, where they can craft certain items from other materials. There is a star jelly token on top of the Blender that requires an accessory that boosts Jump Boost or bear morph activated to reach it. The Mega Memory Match can also be found inside of this building.

On the opposite side of where the sprinklers are is a gate that requires 1 Ace Badge to pass through. Behind it, the player will discover another shop. This shop sells the Honeycomb Belt, Crimson Guard, Cobalt Guard, and Honey Mask, which appear to be hanging inside of a large honeycomb. In front of the honeycomb, there is another star jelly token. Behind the honeycomb, there is a secret glass-like passage that cannot be passed. It leads to a void-like area below the map.

Outside, it is decorated with the Badge icon in the menu on top of the entrance, along with a large Basic Sprinkler on the roof. The large sprinkler is not solid and can be walked through.

Sprinkler Types and Costs
Picture Name Stats Cost Badge Types Needed
Basic Sprinkler.png Basic Sprinkler
  • Count: 1
  • Radius: 7
  • Power: 7
  • Rate: 5
  • Setup: 6
1,111,111 honey 10 Cadet Badges
Silver Soakers.png Silver Soakers
  • Count: 2
  • Radius: 7
  • Power: 7
  • Rate: 4.5
  • Setup: 5
22,222,222 honey 10 Hotshot Badges
Golden Gushers.png Golden Gushers
  • Count: 3
  • Radius: 8
  • Power: 8
  • Rate: 4.5
  • Setup: 5
333,333,333 honey 10 Ace Badges
Diamond Drenchers.png Diamond Drenchers
  • Count: 4
  • Radius: 8
  • Power: 9
  • Rate: 4
  • Setup: 4
4,444,444,444 honey 10 Master Badges
Supreme Saturator.png Supreme Saturator
  • Count: 1
  • Radius: 16
  • Power: 10
  • Rate: 1
  • Setup: 3
55,555,555,555 honey 10 Grandmaster Badges
Ace Shop (Badge Bearer's Guild Interior Store Items)
Item Cost Description
Cobalt Guard.png
Cobalt Guard
200,000,000 honey, 100 blue extracts, 100 stingers, 50 enzymes, 25 glitter. A guard bestowed with the heroic power of Cobalt Bee - Defender of the Blue Bees.

Honeycomb Belt.png
Honeycomb Belt
75,000,000 honey, 50 enzymes, 50 glue, 25 oil. A luxurious faux honeycomb you can wear as a belt to greatly enhance your pollen capacity.

Crimson Guard.png
Crimson Guard
200,000,000 honey, 100 red extracts, 100 stingers, 50 oil, 25 glitter. A guard bestowed with the heroic power of Crimson Bee - Defender of the Red Bees.

Honey Mask.png
Honey Mask
100,000,000 honey, 9999 treats, 50 oil, 25 enzymes, 5 gold eggs. "This handsome mask is guaranteed to bring satisfaction into your life."



This soundtrack is known as 'Vendor'.


  • This shop is one of the shops that don’t have ‘Shop’ in its name, the other shops being the Ticket Tent, the Red HQ, the Blue HQ, Gummy Bear's Lair, and the Coconut Cave.
  • The Badge Bearer's Guild and Gummy Bear's Lair are the only locations that require badges to enter them.
  • All the sprinklers on display in the shop except The Supreme Saturator are solid.
  • The star jelly on the Blender used to be on the ground in the middle of the shop, but that has changed since the 11/25/2018 update.

    Bee swarm simulator- star jelly on top of blender

    A video demonstration of collecting the star jelly on top of the blender.

  • In the 12/19/2018 update, a present token was added inside the shop. It was located on top of the honeycomb of the Ace Shop, but has since been removed.
  • Behind the Ace Badge section is a narrow corridor with a transparent barrier that prevents the player from progressing further.
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