Bags are accessories that can be bought in various shops around the map. Their main purpose is to store pollen gathered by the player until it is full, to which the player will need to go to their hive and convert it into honey or use an Instant Converter or a Micro-Converter. End/Mid-game bags are intended give the player additional boosts other than capacity, such as Instant Conversion, Convert Rate, and/or Bee Attack. There are other accessories (such as belt bags) that can hold more pollen. The pouch bag is given automatically to new players.

This is a list of all 12 bags currently in the game:

Picture Name Capacity and bonus Cost Shop
Pouch Holds 200 pollen. 0 honey Noob Shop
Jar Holds 750 pollen. 650 honey Noob Shop
Backpack Holds 3,500 pollen. 5,500 honey Noob Shop
Canister Holds 10,000 pollen, +30% Convert Rate. 22,000 honey Noob Shop
Mega-Jug Holds 25,000 pollen, +40% Convert Rate. 50,000 honey Pro Shop
Compressor Holds 50,000 pollen, +55% Convert Rate. 160,000 honey Pro Shop
Elite Barrel.png
Elite Barrel Holds 125,000 pollen, +70% Convert Rate. 650,000 honey Pro Shop
Port-O-Hive Holds 250,000 pollen, +100% Convert Rate, +5% Instant Conversion. 1.25 million honey Pro Shop
Blue Port-O-Hive.png
Blue Port-O-Hive Holds 350,000 pollen, +150% Convert Rate, +10% Instant Blue Conversion, +5% Blue Pollen, +1 Blue Bee Attack. 12.5 million honey Blue HQ
Red Port-O-Hive.png
Red Port-O-Hive Holds 350,000 pollen, +150% Convert Rate, +10% Instant Red Conversion, +5% Red Pollen, +1 Red Bee Attack. 12.5 million honey Red HQ
Porcelain Port-O-Hive.png
Porcelain Port-O-Hive Holds 500,000 pollen, +250% Convert Rate, +10% Instant Conversion, +50% White Pollen, +5% Red Pollen, +5% Blue Pollen, +1 Bee Attack. 250 million honey Mountain Top Shop
Coconut Canister Holds 1,000,000 pollen, +400% Convert Rate, +10% Instant Conversion, +10% Instant White Conversion, +100% White Pollen, +5% Pollen, +1 Bee Attack, +Passive: Emergency Coconut Shield, +Passive: Inspire Coconuts. 25 billion honey, 150 Tropical Drinks, 150 Coconuts, 150 Red Extracts, 150 Blue Extracts. Coconut Cave
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