Basic Bee

Basic Bee

BasicBee Gifted

"An ordinary bee. Well rounded and hard working!"





Basic Bee is a Colorless Common Bee.

Basic Bee's favorite treats are Sunflower Seeds.

Basic Bee likes the Mountain Top Field, Clover Field, and Sunflower Field. It dislikes the Spider Field.


  • Collects 10 Pollen in 4 seconds
  • Makes 80 Honey in 4 seconds
  • 🌟 Gifted Hive Bonus: +20% Pollen



The Basic Bee has a base pollen collection of 10 WhiteFlowerLarge in 4 seconds.

That's equivalent to 2.5 WhiteFlowerLarge per second.

(20 WhiteFlowerLarge in 4 seconds with x2 Bee Pollen gamepass)

Pollen Collection
Flower Size Bee Pollen with Critical Hit
without Melody with Melody
Small 10 20 40
Medium 20 40 80
Large 30 60 120

The Basic Bee can make 80 HoneyDrop in 4 seconds!

That's equivalent to 20 HoneyDrop per second.

(80 HoneyDrop in 2 second/s with x2 Honeymaking Speed)

Honey Collection with Science Enhancement

Science Enhancement Production Rate Number of Produced Honey
1 25% 100
2 50% 120
3 75% 140
4 100% 160
5 125% 180
6 150% 200
7 175% 220
8 200% 240

Science Enhancement Production Rate Number of Produced Honey
9 225% 260
10 250% 280
11 275% 300
12 300% 320
13 325% 340
14 350% 360
15 375% 380
16 400% 400

Honey Collection with In-game Clothing
Clothing Category Name Instant Conversion Rate Conversion Rate Produced Honey
Instant Hive
Hats Helmet 10% 1 80
Propeller Hat 15% 1.5 80
Beekeeper's Mask 25% 2.5 80
Guards Elite Blue Guard 10% 1 80
Bucko Guard 15% 1.5 80
Riley Guard 150% 0 200
Bags Belt Bag 50% 0 120
Mondo Belt Bag 100% 0 160

Basic Egg Egg and Jelly Probability RJ
Item Base Probability Probability of getting a Basic Bee
Basic EggBasic Egg 87% 87%
Silver EggSilver Egg 0% 0%
Gold EggGold Egg 0% 0%
Diamond EggDiamond Egg 0% 0%
RJRoyal Jelly 0% 0%



  • Basic Bee is the only Common bee, which is why its hive is the only hive to be in the color brown.
  • The statistics for all other bees are described in terms of their difference from Basic Bee’s statistics.
  • Basic Bee is one of the two bees without an ability, the other one being Brave Bee.
  • Basic Bee is the only non-event bee who can't be obtained from a normal Royal Jelly since it's a Common Bee.
  • There was a short-lived code "DontUseThisJelly" that gave a Basic Bee Jelly.
  • This is most likely the first bee a player will get and discover.
  • Basic Bee and Demo Bee have the same skin color pattern when not gifted.
    • Honey Bee has the same colors but in a different pattern.
  • Basic Bee is considered to be one of the best gifted bees because of its +20% pollen gifted hive bonus.
  • An image of a basic bee winking can be found at the end of the White Tunnel. This may be referring to the code “Wink”.
  • Basic Bee is the only bee to appear in every version of the thumbnail for the game.
  • Basic Bee, Tabby Bee, and Rascal Bee are Onett's favorite bees.
  • Basic Bee's face is used for the Bees Menu on the top left corner of the screen.
  • This bee can only be obtained from Basic, Star Eggs, and Basic Bee Jelly.
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