Egg Shop

The design of the Basic Egg Shop.

The Basic Egg Shop sells Basic Eggs for increasing amounts of honey. These eggs usually hatch into a Basic Bee, but they have a 13% chance of giving you a different bee.

It is the first item selling dispenser that is accessed on the game.

The cost of eggs goes up roughly exponentially (see Formula section below), eventually making it easier to earn your eggs from quests given by Bears like Black Bear or Panda Bear.

The price caps at 10,000,000 honey, which is reached at egg number 22.

Egg# Honey Egg# Honey
1 1,000 12 181,378
2 2,500 13 272,151
3 4,250 14 408,304
4 6,708 15 612,527
5 10,313 16 918,857
6 15,669 17 1,378,348
7 23,670 18 2,067,580
8 35,648 19 3,101,426
9 53,596 20 4,652,191
10 80,506 21 6,978,337
11 120,858 22+ 10,000,000


The cost of egg number N is calculated as follows:

base = 1000
cost = base
i = 0
while i < N-1 do
    cost = 1.5*cost + base/(i+1)
    i = i + 1

This comes out roughly exponential, but there isn't a "nice neat numbers" exponential formula.

Base = 1000
t = Base
i = 0
NN = 21
For [i=0; t= Base, i < NN, i++, t=1.5*t+Base/(i+1);{Print[Floor[t+0.5]]}]
Made on Mathematica, This does not work for Term 22.
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