A Bean Bug is a passive mob that can appear in any field randomly or is spawned through the Wind Shrine. They often spawn in one field in groups of 5 or more and later split up.

When they spawn, they spit 1-3 jelly bean tokens in volleys over the field which any player can pick up. They then hop to another location on the field and spit more. The tokens last only for a few seconds, much less time than the tokens spawned from Jelly Beans. After 7-15 volleys of Jelly Beans, the Bean Bugs hop to other fields to spit Jelly Beans. This process repeats until they despawn after a while.

Bean Bugs can be very useful for collecting pollen/honey as jelly bean tokens can boost the player’s pollen collection, critical chance, Instant Conversion, and other stats.

The beans were used for the limited time Sun Bear questline to receive 250 tickets and for the limited 2019 Bee Bear questlines. They are also used for Spirit Bear's questline.

Players are unable to damage it, nor can it damage players, meaning it isn’t a hostile mob.



  • This, frogs, and fireflies are the only passive mobs in the game, as they cannot deal any damage to players.
  • They were first introduced in the 9/28/2019 update when Sun Bear accidentally released the Bean Bugs. They dropped jelly bean tokens that were used in his quests.
  • Sometimes, they can get stuck in various areas, including the Mushroom Field, Cactus Field, Bamboo Field, Basic Bee Gate, and fields that have collidable (solid) object(s) while jumping. If they get stuck, they can’t change course and will remain useless until despawning. Onett joked about this being "natural selection".
  • These and fireflies are the only passive mobs that are able to produce tokens.
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