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Update April 17, 2019:

🐰 Happy Easter! Bee Swarm Simulator is a featured game in ROBLOX's Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time! 🐰
🐻 New quests: All the bears have new quests for the holiday, plus a few other NPCS!
🍬 Holiday goodies: Fresh jelly beans and marshmallows for that extra energy - share and enjoy!
🐝 Balance changes: Those bees are really shaking things up!

Mini-Update April 5, 2019:

New Black Bear quests
New items: micro-converters, field dice, a couple of new tools... and was that a leaf? Wait, it's gone now...
Interface changes: chat area moved up (and player list removed to make room), new quest notifications, added setting to turn off pollen numbers
Map changes: Pine Tree Forest is now shorter but wider, glass roof over Red HQ, a few other tweaks
Gummy Bee moved next to Ant Gate, now costs gumdrops instead of tickets
Festive Bee is now for sale in the Ticket Tent
Balancing changes

February 23, 2019: The 6th Annual Bloxy Awards have been announced, and Bee Swarm Simulator won in three categories: Best Social Club, Gameplay (co-winner), and the big one: Game of the Year! Congratulations to Onett!

See Updates for information about previous updates.

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