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Update September 28, 2019:

☁️[New Bee]: Windy Bee! An ethereal bee as powerful as the weather. Summons tornadoes to collect Pollen and Tokens! Defeat wild Windy Bees to obtain Cloud Vials!
🌼[New Zone]: 35 bee zone with new fields, new shops, and a new quest bear!
🐻[New Bear]: Spirit Bear! Uncover the mystery of Windy Bee, the Wind Shrine, and Spirit Petals in 30 new quests!
🐻[Traveling Bear]: Sun Bear has accidentally released Bean Bugs on the mountain. Help round them up to win 250 Tickets!
🥥[New Items]: 4 new end game items with special abilities: Coconut Canister, Coconut Clogs, Petal Wand, Petal Belt
🦀[New Mobs]: Coconut Crab - better prizes the faster you beat it! Aphids - pop out of leaves and give good loot!
🎲[New Minigame]: Memory Match! Match items on cards to win them as prizes!

Update April 17, 2019: 🐰 Happy Easter! Bee Swarm Simulator is a featured game in ROBLOX's Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time! 🐰
🐻 New quests: All the bears have new quests for the holiday, plus a few other NPCS!
🍬 Holiday goodies: Fresh jelly beans and marshmallows for that extra energy - share and enjoy!
🐝 Balance changes: Those bees are really shaking things up!

February 23, 2019: The 6th Annual Bloxy Awards have been announced, and Bee Swarm Simulator won in three categories: Best Social Club, Gameplay (co-winner), and the big one: Game of the Year! Congratulations to Onett!

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