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Update June 6, 2020:

⭐ [Supreme Star Amulets]: Discover 40 Gifted Bee Types to unlock these new amulets with a variety of powerful abilities.
☄️ [Mythic Meteor Shower]: Discover 3 Mythic Bee types to trigger a meteor shower that will collect pollen over the entire map! Catch meteors to win various prizes. Smaller meteors tend to give rarer rewards!
[New pollen leaderboards] in the Red/Blue HQ and the Petal Shop.
[Limited] time special offer pack in the Robux shop.
[Bug fixes] and rebalancing of bees and equipment.

Update April 6, 2020: 🐻 [Brown Bear] Rework - His new quests have a 1hr cooldown, and they scale up in difficulty and rewards with each quest. They reward a Silver Egg (25 quests), Gold Egg (50), Diamond Egg (75), and Mythic Egg (100 quests), plus lots of other goodies.
🐝 New Bee: [Fuzzy Bee]! - This Mythic Bee uses its shaggy fur to pollinate flowers, temporarily upgrading them to the next tier! Upgraded flowers grant more pollen and grow faster.
🐣 [Egg Hunt] - Help Sun Bear capture Chicks to earn this year's Egg Hunt Egg! Talk to Sun Bear first for some free honey, then complete Black Bear, Mother Bear, and Brown Bear's chick capturing quests. Also take on the Mondo Chick for special loot!

Update December 23, 2019: 🐝[Mythic Bees]: Meet the new Mythic bees: Tadpole, Vector, and Spicy Bee! Each one powerful and unique, but exceptionally rare - just 1 in 25k Royal Jellies!
🎄[Beesmas!]: Make Ornaments with the Bears to decorate the Beesmas Tree! Once you've made enough, you can open presents around the map!
🎅[Traveling Bear]: Bee Bear - Help Bee Bear spread Honeyday Cheer throught the mountain to earn yourself one of these...
🐻[Cub Buddies]: These adorable cubs helpers follow you around collecting Tokens and occasionally spawning gifts!
☢️[Mutations]: When your bees become Radioactive, they have a chance of obtaining beneficial mutations from Bitterberries and Royal Jellies!
⚙️[Auto-Jelly]: New option to automatically roll ALL Royal Jellies or Star Jellies until certain features are found. A huge time saver, but be careful with it!

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