A Beequip is a type of inventory item that can be worn by bees. When equipped to a bee they alter its stats and can also give bonuses to the hive. Beequips can only be given to bees that are at or above the level of the beequip. Some beequips can only be given to certain bees or types of bees.

Beequip Cases and Storage

The beequip case.

When a beequip is obtained, they are initially stored in a Beequip Case. The player starts off with five slots, but could obtain additional slots from Bee Bear's quests during Beesmas 2020, with the total being 15 beequips. Beequips in a case can be given to bees.

The beequip storage.

If all the slots of the beequip case are filled, beequips are moved to a permanent Beequip Storage, located near the Dandelion Field. Beequips in the storage cannot be given to bees. The storage can only store ten beequips, though additional slots could have been obtained by completing some of Bee Bear's quests. If both the storage and case are full, the beequips are stored in the inbox. The inbox can store the player's 25 most recent beequips, but they have a 48-hour time limit before being discarded automatically. If the player doesn't want a certain beequip in the inbox to be deleted, they can empty a slot in the case, and then they can keep the beequip.

There are special beequips that are permanent, and can be stored in the permanents section of the Beequip Storage without taking up any space. However, those special beequips will still require a case slot in order to be equipped to a bee. Currently, the only permanent beequips are the Reindeer Antlers and Festive Wreath.

Beequips can be moved around the beequip case, storage, and inbox by dragging them to the location they would like to be put at.


Beequips have a potential that can range from 0-5 stars. The higher the potential a beequip has, the higher chance the beequip has of getting better stats when rerolled using Swirled Wax. The potential of a beequip cannot change. Potential can also determine the stats of a certain beequips. For example, a 5 star potential beequip is likely to have better stats than a one star beequip two star and etc.



Beesmas beequips are only obtainable during Beesmas events, but can be used year-round.

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