Bees are one of the main features of Bee Swarm Simulator. They follow the player around, collect pollen from fields, and defend their beekeeper from mobs. Bees are one of the primary sources for collecting pollen, as they do it automatically and most produce Ability Tokens. Upon returning to the hive, they will convert pollen into honey, the primary currency used in shops to buy items. The hive is also where bees sleep after they run out of energy, or where they rest if their beekeeper dies, doing so for about 15 seconds before returning to work.

As bees gather pollen, fight mobs, and consume treats, the bees' bond with their beekeeper grows, increasing their level after reaching a certain threshold. Higher level bees are capable of collecting and converting more pollen and having more energy to work longer (with the exception of Photon bee and Exhausted bee, who both have unlimited energy), and being able to attack higher level mobs.

Bees hatch from eggs, with the probability of hatching a bee of a certain rarity or type depending on the type of egg (i.e. a gold egg can hatch to an Epic, Legendary, or Mythic). The player can change the type of an already-hatched bee by applying a royal jelly or another egg. Once the 25 default hive slots are completely filled up with bees, the player can expand their hive by buying extra hive slots from the Mountain Top Shop. While hive slots increase in price exponentially, this allows the player to have 25 extra hive slots for a maximum of 50 bees.

There are currently 43 total bee types that can be discovered and collected, but only 42 can be obtained without purchasing Bear Bee, with Robux, which requires 800 robux to obtain.

A gifted bee is a type of bee that has improved stats and gives the entire hive a bonus. There is a 1/8,000 chance that feeding a Rare bee its favorite treat will make it gifted, a 1/10,000 chance for Epic bees, a 1/12,000 chance for both Legendary bees and Common bees, and a 1/24,000 chance for Mythic bees. In addition, there is a 1/250 (0.4%) chance of getting a gifted bee by using royal jelly or by hatching it from a basic egg. There is also a guaranteed chance of getting a gifted bee from a star jelly or a star treat.

Stats Comparison

Bees Stats Comparison Table
Title F C En. Sp. Att. Coll. Conv.!Bt Mk PA O
Basic C C 20 14 1 02.5 020
Bomber R C 20 15.4 2 02.5 030 Z
Brave R C 30 16.8 5 02.5 050
Bumble R B 40 10.5 1 04.5 020 B
Cool R B 20 14 2 03.33 030 B
Hasty R C 20 19.6 1 03.33 026.67 H
Looker R C 20 14 1 03.25 040 F
Rad R R 20 14 1 03.25 026.67 R
Rascal R R 20 16.1 3 02.5 020 R
Stubborn R C 20 11.9 2 02.50 026.67 P
Bubble E B 20 11.9 3 02.5 040 B+ B
Bucko E B 30 15.4 3 03.75 026.67 B
Commander E C 30 14 4 03.75 020 Z F
Demo E C 20 16.8 3 02.5 050 Z+
Exhausted E C 10.5 1 02.17 020 Z T
Fire E R 20 11.9 4 03 020 R+ F
Frosty E B 35 14 2 02.5 020 B B
Honey E C 20 14 1 02.5 180 H G
Rage E R 20 15.4 4 02.5 020 R, T
Riley E R 25 15.4 3 05 030 R
Shocked E C 20 19.6 2 02.5 040 H, T, *
Baby L C 15 10.5 0 02 016 L
Carpenter L C 25 11.2 4 03.33 030 H+, P
Demon L R 20 10.5 6 08.75 020 R, R+ F+
Diamond L B 20 14 1 02.5 250 B G+
Lion L C 60 19.6 8 05 080 Z+
Music L C 20 16.1 1 04 060 M, F, T
Ninja L B 20 21 3 05 026.67 B+ H
Shy L R 40 19.6 1 05 070 R R
Fuzzy M C 50 11.9 3 16.66 6.66 Z+ FC FBb, PH
Spicy M R 20 14 5 02.5 100 SE IF, R, FF
Tadpole M B 10 11.2 0.5 01.67 030 B B+ SF, L
Vector M C 35.6 16.24 5 4.5 052.94 P+ Tri, MS
Bear V C 35 14 5 07.5 100 B
Cobalt V B 35 18.2 6 02.5 040 BP, BBS
Crimson V R 35 18.2 6 02.5 040 RP, RBS
Festive V R 20 16.1 1 10 150 R+ H FG
Gummy V C 50 14 3 02.5 175 Gb, GB
Photon V C 21 3 10 120 S, H
Puppy V C 40 16.1 2 06.25 045 F, PL
Tabby V C 28 17.5 4 27.5* 586.66* TL, Sc
Vicious V B 50 17.5 7 02.5 020 B+ I
Windy V C 20 19.6 3 03.33 040 W Tr, Cl
Key Terms
Column Description Values
F Frequency (Rarity) C = Common; R = Rare; E = Epic; L = Legendary; M = Mythic; V = Event
C Color C = Colorless; R = Red; B = Blue
En. Energy ∞ = Unlimited
Sp. Speed
Att. Attack
Coll. Collection speed Pollen collected per second
Conv. Conversion speed Honey converted per second
Bb Bomb B = Blue, R = Red, Z = Buzz
Bt Boost B = Blue, R = Red, W = White
Mk Mark H = Honey, P = Pollen
PA Passive Ability B = Gathering Bubbles; F = Gathering Flames; SE = Steam Engine; FC = Fuzzy Coat
O Other H = Haste; T = Token Link; F = Focus; G = Honey Gift; R = Rage; L = Baby Love; M = Melody; B = Bear Morph; S = Beamstorm; TL = Tabby Love; Sc = Scratch; Gb = Glob; GB = Gumdrop Barrage; BP = Blue Pulse; BBS = Blue Bomb Sync; RP = Red Pulse; RBS = Red Bomb Sync; F = Fetch; PL = Puppy Love; I = Impale; FG = Festive Gift; Tr = Tornado; Cl = Clouds; IF = Inferno; FF = Flame Fuel; SF = Summon Frog; Tri = Triangulate; MS = Mark Surge; FBb = Fuzz Bombs; PH = Pollen Haze


  • REMEMBER: Although a higher rarity bee may seem the way to go, having a balanced hive with all rarities is the key.
  • The Mythic bee type is the first and only bee rarity type to be added in an update.
  • If the player's internet is lagging (slow internet), the bees have a high chance of being slower at fighting mobs, making honey, and collecting pollen.
  • If the player moves off the pad in front of their hive while converting honey, the bees will stop converting.
  • If the player gets too far from their bees, they will fly to the player, ignoring every flower and mob in the way.
  • When bees are sleeping in their hive slot, they emit faint "Z" particles for a little while until they wake.
  • If the player jumps with 20 or more jump power while their bees are making honey, they will stop converting.
  • The higher level the player's bees are, the more effective they are at attacking, collecting and converting.
  • The average attack of a bee is approximately 3. (In exact terms, it's 2.940476...)
  • All event bees have only one disliked field (with the exception of Windy Bee, which dislikes two).
  • Before a bee produces a token, it will spin and emit white sparkles. However, if a bee gives off green sparkles, that means the bee is about to collect critical pollen or do critical damage.
  • The marshmallow bee is the only "item bee". However, it and Digital Bee are the only existing bees that can not be part of the hive.
  • All bees of Legendary rarity or higher have a “special” physical feature (e.g., Lion Bee’s mane, Festive Bee’s ”lid”, Tadpole Bee’s size and trail, Gummy Bee's translucent body, etc.). Some Epic bees also have at least one feature.
  • It is possible to temporarily have more than 50 bees due to Spicy Bee's Inferno Ability, which spawns 2 fire bees temporarily and using onett’s lid art
  • Legendary and Mythic are the only rarities of bee that can be used to activate the special pads found around the map; Legendary for the Honeystorm and Special Sprout Summoner, and Mythic for the Mythic Meteor Shower Summoner.
  • Not counting Common, Mythic is the rarity that contains the least amount of bees, with only 4.
  • The epic rarity has the most bees (11).
  • Exhausted Bee and Photon Bee will still go to their hive and rest when a player dies/resets, despite their unlimited energy.

The bee(s) with the most:

  • Base Attack: Lion (8).
  • Base Speed: Ninja and Photon (21).
  • Base Honey Conversion: Diamond (1000)
  • Base Energy: Photon and Exhausted (Unlimited).
  • Base Energy Excluding Unlimited: Lion (60).
  • Base Pollen Gather: Fuzzy (100).
  • Abilities: Fuzzy, Spicy, and Tadpole (4).
Common & Rare Basic Bee.png Basic BeeBomber Bee.png Bomber BeeBrave Bee.png Brave BeeBumble Bee.png Bumble BeeCool Bee.png Cool BeeHasty Bee.png Hasty BeeLooker Bee.png Looker BeeRad Bee.png Rad BeeRascal Bee.png Rascal BeeStubborn Bee.png Stubborn Bee
Epic Bubble Bee.png Bubble BeeBucko Bee.png Bucko BeeCommander Bee.png Commander BeeDemo Bee.png Demo BeeExhausted Bee.png Exhausted BeeFire Bee.png Fire BeeFrosty Bee.png Frosty BeeHoney Bee.png Honey BeeRage Bee.png Rage BeeRiley Bee.png Riley BeeShocked Bee.png Shocked Bee
Legendary Baby Bee.png Baby BeeCarpenter Bee.png Carpenter BeeDemon Bee.png Demon BeeDiamond Bee.png Diamond BeeLion Bee.png Lion BeeMusic Bee.png Music BeeNinja Bee.png Ninja BeeShy Bee.png Shy Bee
Mythic Fuzzy Bee.png Fuzzy BeeSpicy Bee.png Spicy BeeTadpole Bee.png Tadpole BeeVector Bee.png Vector Bee
Event Bear Bee.png Bear BeeCobalt Bee.png Cobalt BeeCrimson Bee.png Crimson BeeFestive BeeFixed.png Festive BeeGummy Bee.png Gummy BeePhoton Bee.png Photon BeePuppy Bee.png Puppy BeeTabby Bee.png Tabby BeeVicious Bee.png Vicious BeeWindy Bee.png Windy Bee
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