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Bee Description
Basic Bee.png Basic Bee An ordinary bee. Well rounded and hard working!

Basic Egg.png Egg and Jelly Probability RJ.png
Item Base Probability Probability of getting a particular common bee.
Basic Egg.pngBasic Egg 87% 87%
Silver Egg.pngSilver Egg 0% 0%
Gold Egg.pngGold Egg 0% 0%
Diamond Egg.pngDiamond Egg 0% 0%
Mythic Egg.pngMythic Egg 0% 0%
RJ.pngRoyal Jelly 0% 0%


  • This and the Event rarity are the only rarities of bees that can't be obtained by using a normal royal jelly or star jelly.
  • Excluding gifted forms, this and rare bees is the only rarity of bees that has a bee that can't spawn ability tokens. The rare bee that can't spawn ability tokens is Brave Bee.
  • The Hive Slot color for a common bee is a dark yellow.
  • Basic Bee is the first bee people normally get in the game.
  • Mother Bear mentions Gifted Basic Bee in her dialogue, and how it is really good for the x1.2 Pollen boost.