Bee Description
Bubble Bee Bubble Bee As a larva, this bee lived in the ocean. It loves Blue flowers cause they remind it of home.
Bucko Bee Bucko Bee Leader of the Blue bees, and a long time rival of Riley Bee. Its tenacity is its greatest strength.
Commander Bee Commander Bee A strong, no-nonsense bee who stays level-headed when things get rough.
Demo Bee Demo Bee An elite Bomber Bee who has worked its way up the ranks. It is an expert in explosives.
Exhausted Bee Exhausted Bee This bee suffers from insomnia. It moves slowly, but it never has to sleep.
Fire Bee Fire Bee As an egg, this bee was accidentally left in the trunk of a car in the middle of the summer for over 3 days!
Frosty Bee Frosty Bee A bee made of snow. It magically came to life after someone put a top hat on its head.
Honey Bee Honey Bee A satisfied bee always full with the finest honey. If you're Iucky it will share some.
Rage Bee Rage Bee A very angry bee who has been wronged its whole life. It harnesses its rage to become more powerful.
Riley Bee Riley Bee Leader of the Red bees, and a long time rival of Bucko Bee. Its fiery nature has elevated it above the rest.
Shocked Bee Shocked Bee This bee is startled by everything it comes acrossed [sic]. It has learned special talents to cope.
Basic Egg Egg and Jelly Probability RJ
Item Base Probability Probability of getting a particular epic bee.
Basic EggBasic Egg 2.5% 0.23%
Silver EggSilver Egg 30% 2.73%
Gold EggGold Egg 79% 7.18%
Diamond EggDiamond Egg 0% 0%
Mythic EggMythic Egg 0% 0%
RJRoyal Jelly 27% 2.45%


  • This rarity of bees contains the most amount of bees in it, with 11.
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