Gifted Photon Bee hive

Event Bees are bees that can only be obtained by buying/acquiring them specifically - they only hatch out of specific eggs. They are generally very expensive, costing either Robux or tickets, or time-consuming to acquire, requiring completion of a long series of quests or collection of items. They are sometimes limited edition (i.e. available for only a short period of time). They have unique abilities that are not seen in any other type of bee. They appear with a green background on the hive slot they are in.

When you hatch an Event Bee Egg, the egg turns into a special Royal Jelly that will always transform a bee into that specific Event Bee. Since a hive can only contain one of any given Event bee, the special Royal Jelly only exists for the purpose of recovering your Event bee if you transformed or evicted it (by accident or on purpose).


There is a strategy that takes advantage of this special Event bee Royal Jelly to essentially switch the bond of two bees around. For example, if there is a level 1 Cobalt Bee and some other expendable level 7 bee, such as a Hasty Bee, if Royal Jelly is applied to the Cobalt Bee, the special Cobalt Bee Jelly can now be applied to the expendable level 7 bee, leaving a level 1 bee and a level 7 Cobalt Bee.

All Event bees can be gifted, too. Giving an Event bee a Star Treat is the only way to get a gifted Event bee, mentioned by the quest-giving Onett past the 30 Bee Gate. Note that once an Event bee becomes gifted, its Event Bee Royal Jelly becomes essentially useless, since using a royal jelly on a gifted bee will make it lose it's gifted status.

The first ever event bee in Bee Swarm Simulator is the Bear Bee, released in the 23rd March, 2018.

Bee Description
Bear Bee Bear Bee A friendly bee who transforms you into different bears!
Cobalt Bee Cobalt Bee A superhero and defender of all things Blue! Together with Crimson Bee it works to unite bees of all colors.
Crimson Bee Crimson Bee A superhero and defender of all things Red! Together with Cobalt Bee it works to unite bees of all colors.
Festive BeeFixed Festive Bee A jolly bee who loves giving gifts! It's purely motivated by the joy of others.
Gummy BeeGummy Bee A squishy bee who's sweet as sugar. Covers flowers in goo to grant you bonus honey!
Photon Bee Photon Bee An entity made of pure light temporarily taking on the form of a bee.
Puppy Bee Puppy Bee A playful bee who only cares about two things, its tennis ball and you!
Tabby Bee Tabby Bee This affectionate bee was raised by cats. It becomes a better worker as it warms up to you.
Vicious Bee Vicious Bee This cold-blooded bee takes great pleasure in inflicting pain.