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The Beesmas Feast.

The Beesmas Feast was a Beesmas 2020 machine. It was unlocked by completing Polar Bear's Beesmas quest. It was positioned right behind Polar Bear. It could have been used every 90 minutes and granted the player bond for all of the bees and a variety of treats. The amount of bond and rewards were affected by the amount of Polar Power the player currently had.



  • If the player hopped onto the platform before they have finished Polar Bear's Beesmas 2020 quest, it would say, "An empty plate... Where's the feast, Polar Bear?"
  • Polar Bear's feast design is reminiscent to Big Ol' Turkey Legs, a running gag within the ThnxCya community.
    • Polar Bear's dialogue after you complete his Beesmas 2020 quest directly referenced this, with the phrase "A big ol' turkey and treat...".
  • Onett stated on Discord that the Beesmas Feast was the Hostage Chicks from the Egg Hunt 2020 event.
  • The eating sound is a cut out section of the song "Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom", made by Parry Grip.
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