Blue HQ

Blue HQ is a two-story base with many features. It is said that this is the meeting place for all the blue bees.

Blue HQ's Bubble Wand's face

The entrance can be found at the far end of the Blue Flower Field. It has a Bucko Bee above the entrance. To enter, you must have discovered 4 different Blue Bees.

On the roof, there is an enlarged Bubble Wand. This wand sometimes grows a face and blows bubbles to nearby fields. This includes the Clover Field, Mushroom Field, Blue Flower Field, and the Dandelion Field.


On the first floor, there are three things you'll notice: a Blue Teleporter and a set of blue items for sale. You will also find the Blueberry Dispenser, which gives you Blueberries every 4 hours.

On the second floor, you'll find a Royal Jelly and a Blue Field Booster, that gives you a 15 Minutes duration boost from one of the three "blue" fields: Pine Tree Forest, Bamboo Field, and the Blue Flower Field.

On the same floor, you'll encounter Gifted Bucko Bee, who will require a Translator for him to give you quests.

RobloxScreenShot20181128 223147747 (2)

Blue Field Booster and Gifted Bucko Bee in the same frame

New Blueberry Dispenser

Blueberry Dispenser in the first floor of Blue HQ

Screenshot 26-0

Distant and side view of the Blue HQ.


There's a store in the Blue HQ that sells few items. To open the store, press E when you're not on the Blue Teleporter or the Blue Field Booster.

Blue HQ Store Items
Item Cost Description
Bubble Wand
Bubble Wand
3,500,000 Honey Collects 4 pollen from a ring of 16 patches in 0.6 seconds. Collects x3 from blue flowers.
Blue Guard
Blue Guard
1,000,000 Honey, 50 Blueberries, 1 Royal Jelly, 3 Moon Charms A durable pad worn on the right shoulder of Blue Beekeepers.

  • [Right Shoulder]
  • +25,000 Container Space
  • +10% Blue Pollen
  • +5% Damage Reduction
Elite Blue Guard
Elite Blue Guard
5,000,000 Honey, 3 Blue Extracts, 50 Blueberries, 5 Royal Jellies, and 15 Moon Charms A Blue Guard reserved for the most dedicated Blue Beekeepers.

  • [Right Shoulder]
  • +50,000 Container Space
  • +15% Blue Pollen
  • +7% Damage Reduction
  • +10% Instant Conversion
Bucko Guard
Bucko Guard
30,000,000 Honey, 10 Blue Extracts, 100 Blueberries, 5 Glue, 75 Moon Charms A piece of armor forged by the leader of the Blue Bees!

  • [Right Shoulder]
  • +100,000 Container Space
  • +25% Blue Pollen
  • +10% Damage Reduction
  • +15% Instant Conversion
  • +50% Critical Power
Bubble Mask
Bubble Mask
100,000,000 Honey, 50 Blue Extracts, 500 Blueberries, 25 Oils, 15 Glitters Harness the power of the sea to enhance your Blue pollen gathering.

  • +25% Pollen From Bees
  • +25% Instant Conversion
  • +30% Damage Reduction
  • +11% Bee Ability Rate
  • +115% Luck
  • +25% Blue Pollen
  • x1.15 Blue Bomb Pollen


  • So far, Bubble Mask is currently the most expensive thing to be able to be bought in the Blue HQ.
  • Gifted Bucko Bee is the only quest giver in the Blue HQ.
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