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A bee's level up page.

Bond is a mechanic nearly identical to the "EXP" system found in many other games. When bees have a high enough bond with the player, they will level up, gaining boosts to their stats - +10% collection amount, +10% gather amount, +5% energy, and +3% movespeed per level above 1. Bond can be checked at any time by clicking on the bee's slot.

A bee will automatically gain bond when collecting pollen in a field it likes. When collecting pollen, if a bee has a sad emoticon over its head, it means that the bee does not like that field and will not gain any bond from collecting pollen in that field. If it has a happy emoticon instead, it likes the field and will gain bond. Bees can be fed treats to increase their bond manually. If you feed a bee its favorite treat, it will gain double the bond it would otherwise and have a chance to become gifted. Bond is also rewarded from defeating mobs and the Puppy Love token from Puppy Bee.

A bee's bond does reset after a level up. For example, a level 2 bee that levels up to level 3 with exactly 50 bond will have 0/250 Bond when it is level 3. A bee's rarity does not affect how much bond it needs to level up. Both a Common and Legendary bee at level 1 would require 10 bond to level up. Bond does not diminish when using Royal Jelly, but using an Eviction will completely reset bond.

Mobs also have levels, which affect whether they can be hit by bees or not when attacked. Bees are guaranteed to hit mobs of the same or lower level, but have only a 50% chance to hit an enemy of one level higher and 10% chance to hit an enemy two or more levels higher.

The maximum level a bee can achieve is 15. Despite being at the maximum level, it will continue to gain bond, so if the max level was raised, the bee could already be at the said level.

Level Total bond Bond required for next level
1 0 10
2 10 40
3 50 200
4 250 750
5 1,000 4,000
6 5,000 15,000
7 20,000 60,000
8 80,000 270,000
9 350,000 450,000
10 800,000 1,200,000
11 2,000,000 2,000,000
12 4,000,000 4,000,000
13 8,000,000 7,000,000
14 15,000,000 15,000,000
15 30,000,000 MAX



  • Prior to the 11/25 update. Bee's Bond doesn't reset after a bee levels up.