The Boost Market is a shop that can be found in the 30 Bee Zone.

Every 30 minutes, the shop allows the player to purchase a market boost at a certain price. The price depends on the number of people who have purchased that specific boost, much like a real stock market. It costs both tickets and honey to purchase a boost. These boosts last for 30 minutes.

The Boost Market page interface.

When the player has purchased a market boost, the following audio plays:


Name Boosts Picture
Sunflower Field Market Boost x1.5 Sunflower Field Capacity

x1.25 Sunflower Field Pollen
x1.05 Pollen
x1.25 Convert Rate At Hive

Dandelion Field Market Boost x1.5 Dandelion Field Capacity

x1.25 Dandelion Field Pollen
+10% Bee Ability Rate
x1.25 Convert Rate At Hive

Mushroom Field Market Boost x1.5 Mushroom Field Capacity

x1.25 Mushroom Field Pollen
x1.1 Red Pollen
x1.25 Convert Rate At Hive

Blue Flower Field Market Boost x1.5 Blue Flower Field Capacity

x1.25 Blue Flower Field Pollen
x1.5 Bubble Pollen
x1.25 Convert Rate At Hive

Clover Field Market Boost x1.5 Clover Field Capacity

x1.25 Clover Field Pollen
x1.25 Pollen From Bees
+15% Loot Luck

Spider Field Market Boost x1.5 Spider Field Capacity

x1.25 Spider Field Pollen
-5% Monster Respawn Time
x1.25 Convert Rate At Hive

Strawberry Field Market Boost x1.5 Strawberry Field Capacity

x1.25 Strawberry Field Pollen
x1.25 Red Bomb Pollen
x1.25 Convert Rate At Hive

Bamboo Field Market Boost x1.5 Bamboo Field Capacity

x1.25 Bamboo Field Pollen
x1.1 Blue Pollen
x1.25 Convert Rate At Hive

Pineapple Patch Market Boost x1.5 Pineapple Patch Capacity

x1.25 Pineapple Patch Pollen
x1.25 White Pollen
x1.25 Convert Rate At Hive

Stump Field Market Boost x1.5 Stump Field Capacity

x1.25 Stump Field Pollen
x1.1 Goo
x1.25 Convert Rate At Hive

Pumpkin Patch Market Boost x1.5 Pumpkin Patch Capacity

x1.25 Pumpkin Patch Pollen
x1.25 Capacity
+50 Convert Amount

Cactus Field Market Boost x1.5 Cactus Field Capacity

x1.25 Cactus Field Pollen
x1.5 Buzz Bomb Pollen
+50 Convert Amount

Rose Field Market Boost x1.5 Rose Field Capacity

x1.25 Rose Field Pollen
+10% Bee Attack
+50 Convert Amount

Pine Tree Forest Market Boost x1.5 Pine Tree Forest Capacity

x1.25 Pine Tree Forest Pollen
x1.25 Blue Bomb Pollen
x1.25 Convert Rate At Hive

Mountain Top Field Market Boost x1.5 Mountain Top Field Capacity

x1.25 Mountain Top Field Pollen
+25% Pollen From Tools
x1.25 Convert Rate At Hive

Coconut Field Market Boost x1.5 Coconut Field Capacity

x1.25 Coconut Field Pollen
x2.5 Pollen From Coconuts
x1.1 White Pollen

Pepper Patch Market Boost x1.5 Pepper Patch Capacity

x1.25 Pepper Patch Pollen
x1.25 Flame Pollen
x1.25 Convert Rate At Hive



  • Market boosts can also be obtained from certain codes.
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