Brown Bear
Species Quest Bear
Location Near Clover Field.
Bee Prerequisites None
Color Scheme



Fur Shade











Brown Bear

Brown Bear is one of seven permanent bears/quest givers that can be accessed in the game, the others being Black Bear, Mother Bear, Panda Bear, Science Bear, Polar Bear and Spirit Bear. He is located behind the Clover Field and next to the Wealth Clock. His quests involve collecting pollen from a random field. After completing a quest, a new one will be available in 4 hours.


Brown Bear chooses a random accessible field (except for the Mountain Top Field, Pepper Patch, Coconut Field, and Stump Field) for the quest. The quests come in different levels with difficulty increasing depending on the number of bees in your hive. Each quest, regardless of level, gives one Royal Jelly, and sometimes Brown Bear gives out some extra rewards. All quests also reward at least one ticket, with the higher-level quests giving two tickets.

Bees Level Gated Area Pollen Reward
<5 1 Base 5,000
Basic 17,000
Brave N/A
Honey N/A
5-14 2 Base 8,500
  • 1× Royal Jelly
  • 1× Ticket
  • 20,000 Honey
Basic 30,000
Brave 30,000
Honey N/A
15-24 3 Base 15,000
  • 1× Royal Jelly
  • 1× Ticket
  • 20,000 Honey
Basic 20,000
Brave 30,000
Honey 45,000
25-29 4 Base 100,000
  • 1× Royal Jelly
  • 2× Ticket
  • 50,000 Honey
Basic 200,000
Brave 200,000
Honey 300,000
30+ 5 Base 250,000
  • 1× Royal Jelly
  • 2× Ticket
  • 200,000 Honey
Basic 500,000
Brave 500,000
Honey 750,000

Getting Star Jelly from Brown Bear

In addition to rewards listed, each quest has a chance to yield extra rewards, including Star Jelly, 50x Treat, 100x Treat, or a Magic Bean.


Brown Bear gives information in his dialogues. Some of the information he gives is not found anywhere else in-game.

Type Dialogue
Initial (First Talk) Hey there! I'm Brown Bear. You ever heard of [Royal Jelly]? It's a special food that changes a bee's type! Apply it to a bee's honeycomb cell, and it'll instantly transform! The great thing is the new type will always be Rare, Epic, or Legendary. Well, I happen to have a LOT of [Royal Jelly]. Don't ask me how I got it. And if you complete my quests I'll give you some. I'll only give you 1 quest every 4 hours, though. Come talk to me again whenever you're ready for a quest!
Quests Welcome back! You ready for a new quest? Complete it and I'll give you a jar of [Royal Jelly] and a [Ticket]! Check your Quest menu to see your next task. 


Looks like you haven't quite finished my quest. Check the quest menu, then collect pollen from the field I've written down. Come back when the meter is filled all the way up. 


Great job bud! Here's a [Royal Jelly]! Apply it to a bee's honeycomb cell and the bee will transform into a new type. In 4 hours, I'll have another quest ready for you.


Remember, I'll only give you 1 quest every 4 hours. I need some time to prepare your next rewards!

Giving A Present

What's up, bud?


Ah, of course! Time to exchange some Beemas gifts. Let me see what you got me this year... Whoa! A 1-year subscription to Bearmazon Prime! I'll get so much out of this, you have NO idea! Thanks buddy. Here's a little something I know you're gonna love as well.

Egg Hunt Quest 2019

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Quest Name Requirements Reward
Egg Hunt: Brown Bear 1,500 Honey
1x Marshmallow Bee
3x Micro-Converters
1x Royal Jelly
Quest Name Dialogue
Egg Hunt: Brown Bear Hey there bud! You here for the Egg Hunt? Well then, let's get right into it! When it comes to Egg Hunts, I like to keep things traditional. I've gone ahead and hidden 3 [Plastic Eggs] around the map for you to hunt down! Snoop around and check all the nooks and crannys [sic]. Some of them are pretty sneaky. Return all 3 to me, and I'll give you a tasty [Marshmallow Bee]. You'll need 3 of those if you want to earn Bee Swarm's Egg Hunt Egg! Got it? Great! Happy hunting.


Having trouble? Here's a hint. All 3 of the [Plastic Eggs] are hidden right here in the starting zone! No need to search behind any of the bee gates. That should save you time.


Great work! I thought I had you with the one in the maze. I'll just take those [Plastic Eggs] and reuse them next year. And in return - here's one delicious [Marshmallow Bee]! But don't eat it!! You'll need to turn in 3 for the Egg Hunt Egg.

Ornament Quest

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Quest Requirements Reward
Brown Bear's Ornament 30,000 Honey
5x Ticket
1x Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly Ornament
Quest Dialogue
Brown Bear's Ornament Ho ho ho! Merry Beesmas bud! Can you believe another year has gone by already? They seem to be getting faster and faster. But the year's not complete until the Beesmas Tree is decorated! And I've got a royal idea for an [Ornament]... I'll start working on it while you finish these tasks: Collect 25,000 Pollen from the Clover Field... Collect 50 Ability Tokens... And defeat 5 Ladybugs!




That was fast! Ok then, let me just finish up. ...(Snip snip snip)... ...(Glue glue glue)... Oh... didn't quite turn out as I expected. But it'll work! It's a [Royal Jelly Ornament]! It represents the thousand of [Royal Jellies] I give out everyday! See, I even drew my face on it. With this on the Beesmas Tree, you'll receive the following boosts: +10% Capacity; x1.15 Pollen from "Bomb" Bee Abilities; And x1.25 Pollen from the Clover Field! Don't forget to keep an eye out for gift boxes hidden around the map. Once you've put enough [Ornaments] on the tree, they're yours to open! Good luck, and Happy Honeydays!



  • There is a Royal Jelly on a hill behind Brown Bear. You may be able to jump up to it if you have the Bear Morph from Bear Bee, Hiking Boots, and/or Beekeeper's Boots. You can also parachute down to it from the edge of the Blue HQ roof, or the ledge above Science Bear, accessible from the teleporter in Red HQ, you can also use Haste x10 to get up there.
  • He is one of the three permanent bears that can be accessed without any bees, the others being Black Bear and Mother Bear.
  • Brown Bear, Polar Bear, and Black Bear are the three bears with infinite quests.
  • Brown Bear is the first bear to start giving endless quests for new players. He is also one of the six Quest Givers that give infinite quests.
  • Brown Bear is a "he", as Black Bear refers to him that way.
  • Brown Bear is the only bear that guarantees Royal Jelly and Tickets for every quest completed.
  • Brown Bear uses the Knight Animation Package.
  • Prior to the September 10, 2018 update, Brown Bear gave a so-called "daily" quest every 16 hours, However, after the 9/10 update, it changed to 4 hours.
  • He, Black Bear and Mother Bear were "Nice" this year, as stated by Bee Bear.
  • If you gave Brown Bear a Present, you would get a Star Jelly and a x4 Clover Field boost.
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