In Bee Swarm Simulator, there are bears located throughout the map. Bears are in-game characters that players can interact with, attack, or have no function at all. 14 bears have made an appearance in the game, but only 12 are currently in the game..

Some bears can give quests for a reward like Royal Jelly, Tickets, Treats, or an Egg. Others give players a special multiplier like Science Bear's Science Enhancement or Polar Bear's Polar Power. Bears are a major element in the game. They give tips, challenges, and sometimes even codes to the players.

Quest Bears

Quest bears are bears found in places around the whole map. These bears are permanent, unlike Traveling Bears. They can interact with the player and give quests for a reward. There are currently 6 quest bears in the game. Onett, Bucko Bee, Riley Bee, and Stick Bug are quest givers, however, they are not bears.

Blackcloseup Browncloseup Pandacloseup Sciencecloseup Polarcloseup Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 2.51.07 pm
Black Bear Brown Bear Panda Bear Science Bear Polar Bear Mother Bear

Traveling Bears

These bears can interact and give quests just like the Quest Bears. However, they only show up for a limited time. Their last quest reward tends to be a unique item that was previously not available in the game. For now, Sun Bear, Gummy Bear and Bee Bear (Polar Bear's cousin) have been the only traveling bears. Gummy Bear is the only traveling bear in the game today. He is in the Goo Hideout today killing anyone who dare enter.

Suncloseup Gummybearprofile Beecloseup
Sun Bear Gummy Bear Bee Bear

Shop Bears

These bears are located inside the eponymous shops. Unlike Quest Bears or Traveling Bears, they cannot interact with dialogues or give quests to the player, and they have Roblox smile faces.

Smilecloseup Smilecloseup Smilecloseup
Noob Bear Pro Bear Top Bear

Hostile/Unfinished Bears

There are only 2 bears that are not currently beneficial to the player. Unlike other bears, they do not give quests, or run shops, but instead attack the player, or in the case of Shadow Bear has no current function. You can, however, get loot from Tunnel Bear.

Nonfacecloseup Nonfacecloseup
Tunnel Bear Shadow Bear
Quest Bears Blackcloseup Black BearMothercloseup Mother BearBrowncloseup Brown BearPandacloseup Panda BearSciencecloseup Science BearPolarcloseup Polar Bear
Shop Bears Noob BearPro BearTop Bear
Traveling Bears Suncloseup Sun BearGummycloseup Gummy Bear


  • The bears were presumably made and animated by a plugin called Character Creator [ BETA ] By DaMrNelson.
  • Mother Bear is the only permanent quest bear added in an update. All the other bears were already there when the game was first released.

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