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The Cave Monster is a level 11 mob that spawns inside the Werewolf's Cave. They have an appearance similar to the spider and they make eerie whispering noises when the player gets close to them. A honeystorm and a mythic meteor shower (and during the Beesmas 2020 event, a snowstorm) can make it bright enough to see their bodies.

It is possible to defeat cave monsters, but defeating one only grants 1 battle point. The best way to kill them is with emergency coconut shield and running quickly to the gold egg. No honey, tickets or gumdrops are received from killing the cave monsters. However, cave monsters do have a small chance of dropping a Honey Bee egg. It takes 30 minutes for one to respawn, and they don't count as spiders towards quests from bears. Their primary purpose is guarding a gold egg located in the back of the cave. The best way to reach it is to have Haste+, Haste x4 or higher, or by using the Glider.



  • 1 battle point.




  • Onett had stated that cave monsters have a rare drop and can only be obtained by defeating them, but he also said that the drop is not very useful. This was later confirmed to be a Honey Bee egg. Onett had also jokingly said that "Saving the honey bee from the cave monsters was the ultimate goal of Bee Swarm Simulator."
  • If a player is inside the cave, their noises can be heard throughout the entire map.
  • Cave monsters were the first mob that are able to instantly kill the player, and one of two mobs that instantly kill the player upon touching them (the other being Tunnel Bear).
    • This makes the cave monsters the most lethal non-boss mob in the game.
  • Cave monsters have the second highest base level of any mob in-game, with the Coconut Crab having the highest.
  • Cave monsters, King Beetle, Tunnel Bear, Rogue Vicious Bee, Stick Bug, Wild Windy Bee, aphids and Commando Chick are the only mobs who don't belong to any particular fields.
  • Unlike many other mobs and bosses, cave monsters don't wait before they lunge at the player, meaning they lunge the moment they reach the player.
    • There used to be four cave monsters because the gold egg was once the rarest item in the game.
  • Cave monsters have the second fewest possible amount of drops in the game, only behind ants, which have none.
  • Cave monsters, Coconut Crab, Snowbear, and ants are the only mobs that don't drop honey upon death.
  • Cave monsters are currently the only mobs with a set respawn time that quest givers do not require the player to defeat.
  • Cave monsters are the only defeatable mobs that do not have a health bar.
    • Between the 11/25/18 and the 12/25/18 updates, the Cave Monsters had a health bar that revealed they were level 11 and had 400 health.
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