Clover Field
Field Color Assorted
Bee Prerequisites None
Field Dimensions
28Flower Count = 812

The Clover Field is a field that is reached by climbing 2 ladders near the Dandelion Field and Slingshot. It is one of the five fields a new player can go to. A Ladybug and a Rhino Beetle, both level 2, will spawn there every 5 minutes. There are clovers as decorations, and Brown Bear and the Honeystorm activation pad are behind it as well as the Wealth Clock.

The field size is 28×29=812 flowers. It contains an almost even mix of small and medium flowers of all three colors.

Flowers Small Medium Large Total (color)
Red 18% 16% 0% 34%
White 16% 16% 0% 32%
Blue 17% 17% 0% 34%
Total (size) 51% 49% 0% 100%

Tokens that can be spawned by the Clover Field are Blue Boost, Red Boost, Treat, Star Jelly, Magic Bean, and Royal Jelly.

Bees that like the Clover Field include Crimson Bee, Music Bee, Puppy Bee, Shocked Bee, and Tabby Bee. Bees that do not like the Clover Field include Lion Bee and Photon Bee.



  • Before the July 11, 2018 update, the Clover Field was the largest field at 28×39=1092 flowers.
  • There is a Royal Jelly behind Brown Bear that requires the use of Bear Morph, large stacks of Haste, or a Parachute or Glider to obtain.
  • The Bubble Wand on top of the Blue HQ will sometimes blow Sparkles on the Clover Field.
  • Rogue Vicious Bee can spawn here.
  • This is the 2nd biggest field in the game.
  • The Honeystorm Pad used to be where the Wealth Clock is, but when the Wealth Clock was added the Honeystorm Pad was moved to right beside the bush in the Clover Field where the Rhino Beetle spawns.
  • Clover Field Boosts obtained by the White Field Booster will be x4. (+400%)
  • Right under this field is located the King Beetle Lair, where the King Beetle boss is located.
  • This is the first field with 2 mobs which can be accessed in the game.
  • When a Rogue Vicious Bee spawns in the Clover Field, a spike can be seen in the King Beetle Lair.
  • Clover Field has a higher chance then any other field of dropping royal jelly when a sprout is destroyed
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