The Coconut Cave is a cave located next to the Coconut Field. To access the cave, the player will need to defeat the Coconut Crab every time it respawns. If the player has not defeated the Coconut Crab yet and attempts to enter the cave(without actually standing in the field), they will be teleported back to the spawn place. There is also an invisible barrier to prevent players from entering the cave when the Coconut Crab is not defeated yet, this is used to avoid lagging players from entering the cave without Coconut Crab being defeated.

The interior contains the Fastest Crab Slayers Leaderboard, the Coconut Dispenser, and a shop where the player can buy the Coconut Clogs and the Coconut Canister.

Item Cost Description
Coconut Canister
25,000,000,000 honey, 150 tropical drinks, 150 coconuts, 150 red extracts, 150 blue extracts. A back-mounted coconut that stores pollen and protects you in emergencies.

Coconut Clogs
10,000,000,000 honey, 150 coconuts, 50 tropical drinks, 100 glue, 100 oil. Kick around Coconuts with this pair of clunky kicks for a surge of speed.



  • If the player is in the Coconut Cave when the Coconut Crab respawns, they will be teleported the same way if they tried to bypass a gate without meeting the requirements. The teleport area also encompasses the roof of the cave. This can be avoided by going into the hole above the coconut dispenser.
  • There is a hole above the Coconut Dispenser that leads to a tunnel containing one enzyme, 5 tickets, and 5 jelly beans, as shown above.
  • This is the only shop that is guarded by a mob (the Coconut Crab) and the only main shop that doesn't play the vendor soundtrack.
  • If you look through the cave with the Porcelain Dipper, you can see the interior of the cave without having to going in.
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