The Coconut Crab is a level 12 boss mob that defends the Coconut Field. It has 250,000 health and moves along the back wall of the Coconut Field. Just like Tunnel Bear, chicks and aphids, the player has a limited amount of time (two hours) to kill it before its health resets. The amount of time left can be found above its health.

Unlike the Stump Snail, its health will not save, meaning it must be defeated without leaving the field. If the player leaves, its health will reset and it will go back inside the Coconut Cave. Once defeated, it will take 36 hours (1.5 days), or 30 hours and 36 minutes if the player has a Gifted Vicious Bee, to respawn.

The loot it drops is sprayed around the field, similar to a sprout and the Mondo Chick. However, only the player that has killed the specific coconut crab can see them and pick up the tokens. A token link can also be used to pick up the tokens. The quality and quantity of the items dropped vary depending on the time taken to defeat the Coconut Crab. 


The Coconut Crab alternates between two attack types:

  • Claw Attack: The Coconut Crab will try and line itself up with the player, then proceed to jab quickly with its claws. Each hit deals 40 damage before Defense is applied. It will attack 7 times, then pause to move to where the player is standing and repeat it twice more, attempting to claw the player 21 times in total.
  • Coconut Attack: The Coconut Crab will move to the middle of the back wall. It will then jump up a total of 8 times, each jump causing 1 large coconut to fall into the field. Each coconut deals 150 damage before defense is applied. The first coconut to fall will always target the player, the others will randomly fall around the field.





  • The claw attack can be avoided by standing directly in between the Coconut Crab's claws. However, the claws may glitch or be off-center, allowing the claws to deal damage to the player.
    • Another way to avoid the claw attack is passing the Coconut Crab as it moves closer. It will lock on once the player is in front, but if they continue moving, they will pass by the attack. Sometimes, the Crab may not stop in place and will continue to follow in the opposite direction. If this happens, it is often easiest to change direction and cross it once more.
  • The coconut attack can be avoided by moving when the attack starts, then hopping onto the gray rock near the Windy Bee Gate to avoid the rest of the coconuts. Be careful not to go too far onto the rock. Otherwise, the Coconut Crab will think the player has left the field and return to the cave, resetting its health.
  • Do not stay in the middle of the field when the crab's coconut attack is finished (unless the player has high movement speed), as the crab will almost immediately begin its claw attack after, resulting in massive damage.
  • Avoid touching the walls of the Coconut Field, as the Coconut Crab's health will reset occasionally if this is done.
  • Just like Stump Snail, having bees that have a high attack and/or specialized in attacking, such as Rage Bee, Lion Bee, and Vicious Bee will be necessary to quickly defeat the Coconut Crab. Be sure to also have Music Bees and other bees who produce focus tokens, as they will also play a major role as well.
  • Before fighting the Crab, collect Focus tokens first on Pepper Patch. Once the player has a x10 stack of focus, jump immediately to the Coconut Field.
    • Player can also collect a Melody token (if possible without losing the focus stack) for more Critical Power, making the focus tokens have much more effect.  
  • Using a stinger gives a x1.5 Bee Attack buff for 30 seconds. 
  • Using a tropical drink gives +5% Critical Chance for 10 minutes, which helps your bees to deal more damage.
  • Since the Coconut Crab has a large hitbox, using a Coconut has a good chance of hitting it, dealing large amounts of damage.
  • Using oil gives x1.2 Bee Movespeed for 10 minutes, which helps make bees attack faster.
  • Demon Mask or Fire Mask are recommended to kill bosses like Coconut Crab. With their passives and bonuses, they make you get higher attack damage and kill faster than using other hats.
  • If players are willing to do so, purchasing the Rose Field Market Boost gives +10% Bee Attack for half an hour.
  • Green jelly beans give +5% critical chance for 1 minute. If the player can collect 3 green jelly beans, it will give +15% critical chance total. 
  • A player with the Coconut Canister equipped can intentionally activate the Emergency Coconut Shield which grants x1.25 Bee Attack



  • The Coconut Crab has the highest base level of any mob in the game, even surpassing cave monsters (level 11).
  • The Coconut Crab has the third-highest base health out of all mobs, behind the Mondo Chick at 300,000 health, and the Stump Snail with 30 million health.
  • The Coconut Crab is based on the real-life equivalent "Birgus Latro", more commonly known as the "Coconut Crab."
  • According to Spirit Bear, the Coconut Crab isn't native to the game. It's an invasive species, accidentally brought in when she imported coconuts from far away. It used to be very small, but with Spirit Bear's neglect to remove it, the Coconut Crab grew big and now defends the Coconut Field.
  • The Coconut Crab is one of the fastest mobs in the game, only rivaled by Stick Bug in the later levels of its Stick Bug Challenge.
  • The Coconut Crab is similar to the Stump Snail in the sense that it stops the player from easily grinding in their guarded fields without defeating the "guardian" of the said fields.
    • The Coconut Crab is also the only mob that is protecting a shop. Defeating the Coconut Crab will permit access to the Coconut Cave and will allow the player to farm in the Coconut Field with ease.
  • The sound that plays when a coconut from the Coconut Crab's coconut attack can be found here.
  • The Coconut Crab is the largest mob in the game.
  • There is a glitch when standing on the edge of the Coconut Field next to Spirit Bear where it may cause the Coconut Crab to go continuously side to side and not execute its attacks.
  • Once the Coconut Crab has been defeated, standing on top of the Coconut Cave will not cause the player to teleport back to spawn. The teleportation is to prevent players from cheating by defeating the Crab on that platform, so it does not teleport the player if it has been defeated as that removes the purpose.
  • If two players are in the field fight Coconut Crab, the bees will not attack the other Coconut Crab, just their own.
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