A Cub Buddy is a small, baby version of a bear that accompanies the player around, collects tokens, and provides gifts. Whenever the player's Cub Buddy gets too far away, it will teleport to them to a close proximity.

Cub Buddies have settings that can be accessed and viewed through the Cub Console, which is located on the System Page.

When the player's Cub Buddy produces items, it dances, emits heart particles, and an in-game message will pop up, saying: [🐻(Cub Name) made some gifts!] along with some heart particles around the Cub Buddy.

Ways to Obtain

  • Purchasable in the Ticket Tent for 2000 Tickets (gives a Cub Buddy and the Black Cub skin).
  • Purchasable in the Robux Shop for 600R$ (gives a Cub Buddy and the Black Cub skin).
  • Obtainable by completing 300 Brown Bear quests (Gives a Cub Buddy and the Brown Bear Cub skin).

The methods below are no longer possible.

  • Completing Bee Bear's 10th quest, "A Beesmas Miracle" (gave a Cub Buddy and the Black Cub skin). This was in the Beesmas 2019 event.
  • Completing Bee Bear's 15th quest, "Bee Cub Workshop 5" (gave the Bee Cub skin). This was in the Beesmas 2019 event.
  • Purchasing the Cub Buddy Launch Pack for 800R$ (gave a Cub Buddy, the Black Cub skin, and the Noob Cub skin). This was in the Beesmas 2019 event.
  • Purchasing in Bee Bear's Catalog for 250 Gingerbread Bears (gives a Cub Buddy (only if not already owned), the Black Cub Skin, Gingerbread Cub skin and a star treat (2 if the player already owns a Cub Buddy when buying it).


Note: Skins are purely cosmetic.

Appearance Name Description
BuddyBlack.png Black Cub

A precious baby Black Bear!

This is the default skin given to all Cub Buddy owners.

BrownCub.png Brown Cub

A slightly chubby cub that got into the Royal Jelly.

Rewarded after completing 300 Brown Bear Quests!

NoobCub.png Noob Cub (Limited Edition) This little noob doesn't know the first thing about running a shop.

This was included in the Cub Buddy Launch Pack. (During Beesmas 2019) Obtained in the Cub Buddy Launch Pack!

BeeBearCub.png Bee Cub (Limited Edition) A young polar bear going through an identity crisis.

This was the final reward of Bee Bear's 2019 quests. (During Beesmas 2019) Obtained through Bee Bear's 2nd Cub Buddy questline.

Gingerbread cub5.png Gingerbread Cub (Limited Edition) A cub made of cookies, brought to life by Honeyday Magic!

Purchased in Bee Bear's 2020 Catalog for 250 gingerbread bears.

Possible Gift Rewards

Cub Buddies will produce gifts which usually contain common items like treats, but can also produce rarer items like tickets or royal jellies. When a Cub Buddy starts to dance and heart particles appear above its head, that means it's about to produce some gifts. These items can be collected not only by the player, but also by token links, Vector Bee’s triangulate ability, frogs, and Windy Bee’s tornado ability. Cub Buddies produce gifts every 1-5 minutes. Similar to sprouts and leaves, the rewards granted by Cub Buddies typically depend on the field the player stands in (e.g. getting 3 sunflower seeds while standing in the Sunflower Field).



  • While Bee Bear said that the Cub Buddies are dolls animated by "Beesmas magic," Polar Bear said, "he says the [Cub Buddies] are animated by the magic of Beesmas... But in reality, Bee Bear had to build and program them himself.” Also, Science Bear said, "They're just robots, you know. But they're so lifelike, it's uncanny!"
  • If the player bought the Cub Buddy Launch Pack, and then completed Bee Bear's 10th quest, the player will be rewarded with 250 tickets since the player can only have one of each Cub Buddy skin.
    • If the process is reversed, the player will instead be rewarded with 250 tickets in addition to the 250 tickets that they would normally get for a total of 500 tickets and the Noob Cub skin for purchasing the pack.
  • When the player gets their first Cub Buddy, it will automatically be named "Buddy".
  • The Cub Buddy uses the wave emote when idle, the point emote when collecting a token, the dance emote before it produces gifts, and the cheer emote when it makes the gifts.
  • The Cub Buddies use the Cartoony Animation Package.
  • The first Cub Buddy skins were the Black Cub and Noob Cub skins, 3 days before the Bee Cub skin was introduced.
    • There used to be a glitch that would make Cub Buddies wear an item if they teleport on top of it, such as the Demon Mask, Elite Blue Guard, and Riley Guard. This could also happen if the owner died/reset on top of the cub buddy. This was because the Cub Buddy is a Humanoid Model. The glitch was patched.
  • Cub Buddies give bitterberries roughly every 5-6 hours.
  • They are the most expensive item in the Ticket Tent, costing 2,000 tickets.
  • The Brown Cub Skin is the only skin to be added outside a Beesmas Event.
  • The max amount of characters in a Cub Buddy name is 16. The name can also be filtered.
  • Although Cub Buddy can collect any token, yours or public, it cannot collect the gifts it made, unless it picks up a Token Link.
  • The Gingerbread cub is the only skin that does not have a bear in game to represent it. It is the "bigger version of a Gingerbread Bear".
  • The Black Cub Skin and the Brown Cub Skin are the only skins that are not limited.
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