Throughout the map, plenty of Easter Eggs can be found. Some of them have been removed, while some still exist.


Codes or hints for codes have been scattered across the map. They are written in white and are usually in peculiar places. The codes and their hiding places are:

The cog found on the Noob Shop.

  • Cog, found at the top of Noob Shop.
  • 38217, found on the Onett statue's backpack. The statue is the one on top of the 6th hive. (The interactive NPC Onett has a different number on his backpack, which isn't a code.)
  • Connoisseur, hint hidden behind the Brave Bee Gate Instant Converter.
  • Crawlers, hint found in the King Beetle's Lair.
  • Roof, found on top of the Red HQ.
  • Wink, hint found in Tunnel Bear's tunnel.

Hallway behind Ace Shop

The hallway

Entrance To Under The Game

The hallway seen from the outside.

  • The hallway behind the Ace Shop could not be gone into, but can be see inside with ROBLOX's Shift Lock feature.
  • The hallway leads to an entrance to the area under the game, it can also be seen by looking at the ceiling of the area.
  • Outside: To see an entrance to the secret place under the map, you can use shift lock and put your character against the wall to look through it.
  • Another way to get to the secret area is to use the Red Cannon and fly over the Ace Shop and go under the Wind Shrine.

Puppy Bee with Reindeer Antlers and Festive Bee with Festive Wreath (Level 2)

Puppy Bee with Reindeer Antlers

The Puppy Bee with Reindeer Antlers statue doesn't actually have the Antlers, but it's still called 'Puppy Bee with Reindeer Antlers' because its nose gives it away. The Festive bee with Festive Wreath was added when part 2 came and was right next to Puppy Bee with Reindeer Antlers

The Puppy Bee with Reindeer Antlers and Festive Bee with Festive Wreath can be found behind the wall of the Blue HQ outside the map.

You can get to this by:

  1. Using a Red Cannon in combination with the parachute/glider to glide towards here.
  2. Jump from a far distance towards here.
Festive bee right next to Puppy Bee

Festive Bee right next to Puppy Bee

Onett NPC

Screenshot of the Onett Statue NPC.

The NPC is one of the easiest easter eggs to find and can be found on the top of the rightmost hive (6th hive). Behind him, there is a Royal Jelly. You can get to him using a few methods.

  1. Using the Yellow Cannon, Red Cannon, or Blue Cannon (only glider) in combination with the parachute/glider to glide to the top of the hive.
  2. On very rare occasions the statue will fall to the ground, and actually could be found inside the honeycombs within the rightmost hive. Rarely, he can be found behind the 5-Bee Gate.
  3. You can jump on the Puppy Bee's tail on the Ticket Tent or the Gifted Photon Bee on the ticket tent and jump on top of the hive if you have enough jump power or speed.
  4. You can jump in the Gummy Bee in Gummy Bee Egg Claim, and use the Glider to get on the hives.

Unlike the Onett found in the Bear Gate, he cannot be interacted with.

Dancing Bear

Shadow Bear

There is a dancing bear (also known as Shadow Bear) found under the platform Onett (NPC) is located on. He looks the same as Tunnel Bear, but he will not kill upon contact and his greater size. In front of him is a Diamond Egg token you can collect, however, if the player touches the ground for long enough, the player will die. If you have enough speed, you can run across the floor without dying. This makes getting the Diamond Egg a challenge. If you have enough ping, you can hold jump, because the floor only kills after a set amount of time, which is increased by ping.

Strange Drawing

By flying past the Red HQ towards a large green wedge outside the map, under the wedge, you will find a hole. Upon entering the hole, there is a large expanse of flat land. Inside it, there is a drawing of the game. This area has its own music, known as Hibernation1, which is also the basic music at Baseplate on Roblox Studio. In the test realm, the ace shop used to have an tunnel where you could access this area. This area was blocked off by a transparent wall in the main game, but the hole can still be seen using shift lock.

The strange drawing.

The drawing sits roughly in the middle of this area however, it is completely two dimensional; therefore, it can only be viewed from the front. Walking around the drawing will cause it to disappear, having no edges.

Vector Bee and Tadpole Bee Statues (Level 2)

In the same area as the drawing, there are two bee models of a Tadpole Bee and a Vector Bee. They cannot be interacted with.

The Tadpole and Vector Bee statues.

Windy Bee and Vicious Bee Statues (Level 2)

If you go out of bounds to the right of the map, you will see a Vicious Bee and Windy Bee statue that are level 2. They cannot be interacted with.

The Vicious and Windy Bee statues.

Tabby Bee Block (Removed)

During the Tabby Bee Update (5/12/2018), there had been sightings of a block with a Tabby Bee image on it outside of the map. It was there along with the Tabby Bee itself to hint players of the code "Meow" which gave out 5 Tickets.

The Tabby Bee block.

Invisible Platform (Removed)

There was an invisible platform in the air, above and just in front of the middle hive. To find it, you could use a cannon and the glider to approach the middle hive, and close the glider when you were right over the hive's white platform. This is no longer possible because there are now 6 hives.

A player standing on the invisible platform.

Mysterious Figure (Removed)

The Mysterious Figure

The Mysterious Figure, also known as Eggwick from the Egg Hunt 2019 event, was in the Blue Maze to the right of the Festive Bee on the Ticket Tent. After the Egg Hunt 2019 event ended, the statue was removed. Along with the maze, there was 1 Plastic Egg (now a ticket token) and 1 Jelly Bean. He is the second statue in the game, the first being the Onett statue. The figure has been replaced by a Star Jelly token.

+5 pollen text

The +5 pollen text.

This Easter Egg is located outside the map next to the Stump Field. Behind it, there is a text decal written "+5".

Red HQ Room

This room was hidden behind a wall in the Red HQ, but it was removed sometime after it was added. Inside the room was an unusable Red Extract dispenser. Theoretically, it was a feature of an upcoming update.

The Red Room from the outside.

Inside the Red Room & entrance to the Red Room.

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