An Egg is an item that can be used on your hive to hatch a new bee. Eggs come in many different types, some offering chances at different rarities of bees, and some hatching a specific bee. There are a total of 5 eggs, not counting Plastic Eggs and specific eggs.

Basic Egg

Basic Egg

Basic Egg

The Basic Egg is the most common egg found in the game. It will almost always (87% chance) hatch into a Basic Bee, but could hatch into a Rare bee in 1 in 10 chance, Epic bee in 1 in 40 chance, Legendary bee in 1 in 200 chance, or into a gifted Basic Bee with a 0.35% chance.

Ways to obtain a Basic Egg:

  • First time players receive a free Basic Egg in their inventory.

Silver Egg

Silver Egg

Silver Egg


Gifted Silver Egg

The Silver Egg is an egg most likely to hatch a Rare bee, but also has a 30% chance to become an Epic bee and 5% chance to become a Legendary bee. A Gifted Silver Egg has the same chance to hatch a bee of each rarity, but the bee will also be gifted. It is impossible to obtain Event bees or a Basic Bee from this egg.

Ways to obtain a Silver Egg:

  • Purchase from the Robux Shop for 100 Robux.
  • Completing Black Bear’s and Panda Bear's silver egg quests.
  • Using the "PreUpdate" code. (expired)
  • There's a chance of getting x5 Silver Eggs from killing a Mantis and from a Werewolf. You can also get a Silver Egg from the King Beetle.
  • Rare Sprouts.
  • Has an extremely low chance of dropping from flowers while collecting pollen.

Ways to obtain a Gifted Silver Egg:

  • Rare drops from Werewolf, Spider and Tunnel Bear (Defeating Tunnel Bear for the first time guarantees a Gifted Egg or a higher tier)

Gold Egg

Gold Egg

Gold Egg


Gifted Gold Egg

The Gold Egg is an egg most likely to hatch an Epic bee, but also has a 20% chance to become a Legendary bee. A Gifted Gold Egg has the same chance to hatch a bee of each rarity, but the bee will also be gifted. It is impossible to get event bees, a basic bee or rare bees from this egg.

Ways to obtain a Gold Egg:

Ways to obtain a Gifted Gold Egg:

Diamond Egg

Diamond Egg

Diamond Egg


Gifted Diamond Egg

The Diamond Egg is an egg that hatches a Legendary bee. A Gifted Diamond Egg hatches a Legendary bee, but the bee will also be gifted.

Ways to obtain a Diamond Egg:

  • Purchase from the Robux Shop for 400 Robux.
  • Completing Black Bear's quests lets you receive a Diamond Egg
  • Past the 30 Bee Gate, under the platform where Onett is standing, is a Diamond Egg, in which it is guarded by Shadow Bear. However, you will get killed almost instantly if you touch the inky floor where Shadow Bear is dancing. The token can be reached by using a glider and hovering right above the egg to collect it. You will die but you can get the egg.
  • Completing Panda Bear's first five Star Treat/Ant Quests, particularly named Colossal Combat.
  • 3% chance of being a drop from King Beetle.
  • Unknown chance of being a drop from Werewolf.
  • Unknown Chance of being a drop from Spider.
  • Unknown chance from Legendary/Mythical Sprouts.
  • Chance of being a drop from Stump Snail
  • Chance of being a drop from Tunnel Bear
  • Has an extremely low chance of dropping from flowers while collecting pollen. 

Ways to obtain a Gifted Diamond Egg:

Star Egg


Star Egg

The Star Egg hatches into any non-Event gifted bee not already in the hive. If you already have all non-Event bees in their gifted forms, you get a random non-Event gifted bee instead.

Ways to obtain a Star Egg:

Specific Bee Eggs

Instead of hatching a random bee of a particular rarity, these eggs hatch a very specific bee. All of these kinds of eggs have the appearance of a Basic Egg.

Event Bee Eggs

Event Bee Eggs are special eggs that are guaranteed to give a specific Event bee. After an Event Bee Egg is hatched, the user receives a permanent Royal Jelly of that specific bee. The Event Royal Jelly will turn any bee into the Event Bee. It cannot be applied if the player already has that event bee in their hive.

Crafting uses

5 Gold Eggs are needed to make the Honey Mask.

5 Diamond Eggs are needed to make the Diamond Mask.


  • The Vicious Bee Egg and the Gummy Bee Egg are the only Event bee eggs that can be obtained without Robux or tickets as of now.
  • Star Eggs and Basic Eggs are the only eggs that can hatch into a Basic Bee/Gifted Basic Bee.
  • Gold Eggs are the only non-event bee eggs that can be purchased with Tickets in the Ticket Tent.
  • Plastic Eggs and the Flight of the Bumble Egg are the only eggs that don't hatch into a bee.
  • Any specific bee egg will have the Basic Egg icon in the inventory.
  • The Bear Bee Egg is the only Event bee egg that can be obtained by using Robux.
  • So far, the Silver Egg is the only egg you can redeem from codes.
    • There is only one code to redeem a Silver Egg, but it's expired.
  • If you look closely, the star on a Star Egg is slightly bigger than the stars on Gifted Silver, Gold, and Diamond eggs.


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