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The Fastest Crab Slayers Leaderboard is one of the 15 leaderboards in the game. It is located past the Windy Bee Gate inside the Coconut Cave. The player will need to defeat the Coconut Crab to enter the Cave and see their score.

The Leaderboard as of 7/29/2020

This leaderboard shows the least time in which the player has defeated the Coconut Crab. It shows 10 leaderboard positions at one time. The player can scroll down the leaderboard to see more players, all the way to the 100th place.

Top Three Fastest Times

Note: This table was last updated on 9/3/2020 at 5:09 PM EST.

Top Fighters Time
Mr_Denri 7s
TheAvianLord 8s
e_IoI 8s


It is located on the left wall inside the Coconut Cave.


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