Fireflies in a circle.

Fireflies are helpful creatures that only appear at night. They enhance the flowers they land on, making them produce treats, honey, and tickets. They also band together to generate Moon Charms.

As soon as it becomes night, a group of eight fireflies appear above the third of the hives. They then fly to a random field and land in a circle, facing the middle. You can nudge a firefly away by walking close to it. If you nudge a firefly away, the flowers where it was sitting will sparkle. When all eight fireflies have flown up, a Moon Charm token or a Glitter token (very rarely) or a Star Jelly (extremely rare) will appear in the middle of the circle. The Fireflies will land in one field three times, after which they will target a new field (if it's still night). They can fly to the Spider Field, Bamboo Field, Strawberry Field, Pineapple Patch, Cactus Field, or the Rose Field. As soon as day arrives, the fireflies will fly away above the hives, and then eventually disappear.



  • Fireflies have the same face as the Gummy Bee, which resembles Basic Bee's face.
  • Some servers experience a glitch when fireflies fly from the Strawberry Field to the Cactus Field. The fireflies will stop in mid-air, still forming a circle. No matter how the players try to "nudge" them, they will not fly away until daytime.