Fireflies in a crescent in the Strawberry Field.

Fireflies flying.

Fireflies are passive mobs that only appear during nighttime. Individually, they produce sparkles on the flowers that they land on. Fireflies band together to generate various items for the player.

As soon as nighttime begins, a group of eight fireflies will spawn above the Star Hall. These fireflies will then fly to a random field. Fireflies can fly to the Spider Field, Bamboo Field, Strawberry Field, Pineapple Patch, Cactus Field, or the Rose Field. Once they reach the designated field, they will land in a circle, smile, or crescent formation, facing towards the center.

The player can nudge a firefly off its position by walking close to it, forcing it to fly up. If a firefly is nudged away, the flower the firefly sat on will sparkle, creating a token when harvested. When all eight fireflies are nudged away and fly up, a moon charm token (in increments of 1, 5, or 10), a glitter token (very rare), a star jelly token (extremely rare), a night bell token (extremely rare), or a star treat token (exceptionally rare) will appear in the middle of the firefly formation.

The fireflies will continue this cycle in one field three times, and afterward, will target a new field. This cycle repeats until daytime arrives. When daytime arrives, they will fly back above the Star Hall and eventually despawn.



  • The face of a firefly is the same one as the face of Gummy Bee, just recolored to black rather than cyan.
  • Fireflies, frogs, chicks, hostage chicks, spotted chicks, and bean bugs are the only passive mobs in the game.
    • Fireflies were the first passive mob introduced to the game.
    • Fireflies are also the only passive mobs to spawn exclusively at night.
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