The Frog is a passive mob added in the 12/23/2019 update. They can be summoned by collecting a summon frog ability token generated by Tadpole Bee or by using a box-o-frogs. Occasionally, frogs may spawn in a random field. They despawn after a set period of time.

Players cannot damage frogs, nor can frogs damage players, meaning that frogs do not act like hostile mobs.


  • Frogs will hop 4 times when a player touches them, creating bubbles on their 2nd to 4th hop.
  • Frogs can collect ability tokens, honey tokens and other tokens (such as rewards from mobs) for the player by using their tongues, which can also create bubbles.
  • Frogs can attack hostile mobs (dealing x10 the damage of the attack power of the Tadpole Bee that summoned them, or dealing 7 damage when summoned from a box-o-frogs).


The following audio plays when a frog has been summoned by the summon frog ability:

The following audio plays when a frog collects a token:



  • Frogs are the only mob in the game that can be summoned by an ability token. It is also the only passive mob that is passive to players, but hostile to harmful mobs.
  • Frogs, fireflies, bean bugs, chicks, spotted chicks, and hostage chicks are the only passive mobs, meaning that they will not deal damage to the player by attacking.
  • Frogs, cub buddies, and Windy Bee (with its tornado ability) are the only entities that can collect tokens from flowers, leaves, and sprouts for the player.
  • Frogs, Rogue Vicious Bee, and Wild Windy Bee are the only mobs that can deal damage to other hostile mobs with attacks.
    • However, frogs are the only mob that will deliberately attack other mobs, as Rogue Vicious Bee and Wild Windy Bee will only "attack" other mobs if they happen to be where they are going to attack.
  • When using a box-o-frogs, the frogs summoned last for 3 minutes. When they are activated by the Summon Frog ability, they only last for 20 seconds instead. (+2 seconds per level.)
  • Collecting bubbles from frogs summoned by other players will currently grant pollen to both players and would also add to both players' Bubble Bee Man's ornament quests during Beesmas 2019.
  • The frog, Wild Windy Bee, and the Rogue Vicious Bee are the only mobs that can be spawned by using an item.
  • Frogs can sometimes fall outside of the field they are in, if it is at a high enough elevation. If this happens, they will hop around uselessly until they despawn.
  • At the end of Beesmas 2020, Onett spawned frogs as the "Honeyday Clean-Up Crew".
  • Them, the Chicks, Tunnel Bear, and Snow Bear are the only mobs based on vertebrates (Frogs, chickens, and bears respectively).
  • Frogs are the only mobs capable of spawning bubbles.
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