A Frog acts as a passive mob which can get summoned when players collect a summon frog ability token that can get generated by a Tadpole Bee or by using a box-o-frogs. Rarely, frogs may randomly spawn in any field, but they will despawn after a set period of time.


  • Frogs will create bubbles wherever they hop.
  • Frogs can collect ability tokens for the player by using their long tongues, which also can create bubbles.
  • Frogs can attack hostile mobs (dealing x10 the damage of the attack power of the Tadpole Bee that summoned them, or dealing 7 damage when summoned from a box-o-frogs).

Players cannot damage frogs, nor can frogs damage players, meaning that frogs do not act like hostile mobs.



  • Frogs are the only mob in the game that can get summoned by an ability token.
  • Frogs, Rogue Vicious Bee, and Wild Windy Bee are the only mobs that can deal damage to other hostile mobs with attacks.
  • In addition, Frogs are the only passive mob that can deal damage to hostile mobs by attacking.
  • Frogs, Fireflies, and Bean Bugs are the only passive mobs, meaning that they will not deal damage to the player from attacking.
  • Frogs, cub buddies, and Windy Bee's tornado ability are the only entities that can collect tokens from flowers, leaves, and sprouts for the player.
  • Collecting bubbles from frogs summoned by other players will currently grant pollen to both players and would also add to both players' Bubble Bee Man's ornament quests during Beesmas 2019.
  • Frogs got added to the game in the 12-23-19 update.
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