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Not to be confused with presents and Ornament Presents.

Gift Boxes were presents that appear during Beesmas 2020. They were located around the map. In order to open them, the player needed to help a certain number of NPCs complete their Beesmas decorations.

Appearance Name Location NPCs Helped Rewards
Light Blue gift.png Sky Blue Gift Box Near the Basic Bee Gate and the Blue Flower Field 3
Softgift.png Soft Gift Box Next to the Ticket Tent 4
Peppermintgiftbox.png Peppermint Gift Box Next to Panda Bear 5
Tangiftbox.png Tan Gift Box Near Honey Bee (NPC), in a wall entrance 6
Annotation 2020-12-25 182402.png Glowing Gift Box Inside a cave near Gummy Bee Egg Claim 7
Papelgiftbox.png Paper Gift Box On a cloud above Pineapple Patch 8
Brassgiftbox.png Brass Gift Box On a wall near the Windy Bee Gate 9
Festivegiftbox.png Merry Gift Box Next to the Beesmas Tree 10
Violetgiftbox.png Purple Gift Box At the end of an obstacle course next to Stump Field 11
14present.png Mondo Gift Box On top of the Mountain Top Shop 14


  • The Sky Blue Gift Box is the only gift box that the player can walk through (meaning it doesn’t have collision).
  • Originally, the Mondo Gift Box used to require 12 NPCs. When the second update had arrived, it changed to 14 NPCs.
  • Opening the Mondo Gift Box is the only way to obtain a Gifted Mythic Egg without spending robux.
  • There are 10 gift boxes in total.
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