A gifted bear bee with a gold ring around its icon.

Gifted Bees are a special type of bee with improved stats and global buffs called a "Hive Bonus" that improve the performance of the keeper and the bees, similar to Badges.

Every time you use a Royal Jelly or an egg, you have a 0.4% (1/250) chance to get a gifted bee. Similarly, feeding a bee its favorite treat can turn it gifted, though this only happens with a 0.0083% (1/12000) chance. Star Treats will always turn a chosen bee into a gifted bee and are the only method to turn Event bees like Bear Bee and Tabby Bee into a gifted bee. Star Eggs will always hatch into a gifted bee that is not already found in your hive. Star Jelly will always turn the bee to a random gifted bee.

A gifted bee's GUI on discovery would scroll through colours with the line showing "⭐ Gifted [type] Bee! ⭐"

On top of the Noob Shop, there is a chamber called the Star Hall. There you can get Star Amulets and Royal Jelly if you have the required number of gifted bees.


  • Different color scheme and stars added to body.
  • +50% Gather Amount
  • +50% Conversion Rate
  • +50% Attack
  • Applies a Hive Bonus specific to that bee (see below list for details).
  • New Ability Token - [Inspire]: Doubles pollen gained for 5 seconds, Stacks up to 50 times, giving up to a x51 bonus.
  • A gold ring around its hive (As seen in picture above).
  • Ability to claim a Royal Jelly from the Star Hall per Gifted Bee type.

List of hive bonuses

Hive Bonuses
Bee Hive Bonus
Basic Pollen (x1.2)
Bomber Bomb Pollen (+15%)
Brave Bee Attack (+1)
Bumble Blue Bomb Pollen (+25%)
Cool Blue Pollen (+10%)
Hasty Player Movespeed (+20%)
Looker Critical Power (+50%)
Rad Red Pollen (+10%)
Rascal Red Bomb Pollen (+25%)
Stubborn Ability Token Lifespan (+20%)
Bubble Bomb Pollen (+15%)
Bucko Blue Pollen (+10%)
Commander Critical Chance (+5%)
Demo Buzz Bomb Pollen (+25%)
Exhausted White Pollen (+20%)
Fire Red Bomb Pollen (+25%)
Frosty Blue Bomb Pollen (+25%)
Honey Honey From Tokens (x2)
Rage Bee Attack (+1)
Riley Red Pollen (+10%)
Shocked White Pollen (+20%)
Baby Loot Luck (+20%)
Carpenter Pollen From Tools (+25%)
Demon Red Bomb Pollen (+25%)
Diamond Blue Pollen (+10%)
Lion Colorless Bee Attack (+2)
Music Pollen From Bees (+25%)
Ninja Bee Movespeed (+5%)
Shy Red Pollen (+10%)
Bear Pollen (+5%), Enhanced "Bear Morph"
Cobalt Blue Pollen (+20%)
Crimson Red Pollen (+20%)
Festive Red Pollen (+10%), Enhanced "Festive Gift"
Gummy Honey Per Pollen (+5%), Enhanced "Glob"
Photon Instant Conversion (+5%), Enhanced "Beamstorm"
Tabby Critical Power (+50%), Enhanced "Scratch"
Puppy Bond From Treats (+20%)
Vicious Monster Respawn Times (-15%)


  • Because Bear Bee is now purchasable from the Robux Shop, people who purchased a Bear Bee from the startup event had their Bear Bee turned into a 1st Edition Gifted Bear Bee.
  • Multiple gifted bees of the same type do not apply their Hive Bonus multiple times, nor do they count towards the number of gifted bees in the hive for any machine in Star Hall.
  • Using a Royal Jelly on a Gifted Bee will almost certainly make the bee LOSE ITS GIFTED STATUS. (The new bee will have the same chance of turning Gifted as any other bee, 1/250.)
  • You can obtain Star Eggs from Panda Bear and Mother Bear's quests and Star Treats from Panda Bear, Mother Bear and Onett's quests. you can also obtain a star jelly from black bear after finishing his 20 new quests