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The Gingerbread House.

The Gingerbread House prior to completion of Mother Bear's quest.

The Gingerbread House was a Beesmas 2020 exclusive machine. It sat between Mother Bear and the Treat Shop, and was unlocked by completing Mother Bear's Beesmas quest. It was usable after the player had spent 2 hours in-game to receive 1 gingerbread bear (possibly more). If the player attempted to use the gingerbread house before it was completed, it would display text saying "This Gingerbread House is far from complete..."


The Gingerbread House has gumdrops for decorations at the corners, the gingerbread bear icon in the middle, and a candy cane acting as a possible chimney.

Its only use is to produce a gingerbread bear every 2 in-game hours. If you were offline, it wouldn't generate any.

Quest givers such as Onett and Bee Bear required the player to use the gingerbread house at varying amounts.


  • The Gingerbread House stored multiple gingerbread bears at the same time, meaning that multiple gingerbread bears could be collected in one go after 4 or more hours.
  • If a player stayed for 3 hours in-game and checked the gingerbread house then they would only get 1 gingerbread bear and the timer would reset to 2 hours again. However, the timer for generating gingerbread bears would not reset, and the player would get 2 gingerbread bears after waiting another 3 hours in-game.
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