Glitches are things that can happen in-game that are unintended, and thus liable to be patched in future updates. Some of these glitches can be detrimental to the player's gameplay such as the Invisible Twigs glitch while most others are strictly visual and most likely won't affect players.


Mob Glitches

Mobs Unable to Move

Occasionally, a mob will get trapped in the collision box of certain objects around it. This usually renders them unable to move or escape, which makes killing them easier. The mob can still be attacked and will still drop rewards normally. This glitch seems to happen primarily to Mantises when they leap into objects, such as a wall. Sometimes, the King Beetle gets stuck in the corner which says "Song Name" near it, making it easy to kill him. This can also happen to Stick Bug in certain places.

Frozen Field Defenders

When the player jumps while a mob is going towards them to attack, the mob freezes and does not move towards the player again until the player lands on the ground. This generally makes killing mobs easier.

Stuck player glitch .png

This does not apply to Stump Snail, Ants, Bosses, and Cave Monsters.

Out of Bounds Mobs

Mobs will occasionally go out of bounds (outside of the map). It is unknown why or how this happens, but when it does, mobs will attempt to walk to their desired spawn field. However, bees can still attack it, with it acting the same as if players were to kill it in the field it defends.

Collapsing Mobs

An example of a Collapsed Ladybug

A collapsed Ladybug.

This glitch is purely visual, but it can be triggered when a mob, such as a Ladybug or Rhino Beetle is defeated while it is trying to move. The mob's head or any other part can move inward. This glitch seems more common with the Ladybug and spider.

Invisible Mondo Chick and Commando Chick egg

A Mondo Chick with an invisible egg.

A Commando Chick without an egg.

Both the Mondo Chick and the Commando Chick can spawn with an invisible egg. This is purely a visual glitch and the cause of it is unknown.

King Beetle in the Fields

Sometimes, when a player dies or glitches their way out of King Beetle's Lair, King Beetle's head and health can be seen outside from the Blue Flower Field. This is not rare, as it happens very often when players die.

King Beetle Stuck in Flower

This glitch is quite rare. To activate it, the player should stand near the entrance to the King Beetle's Lair then let it attack them. When they die, there is a very small chance that it'll go out of its lair and get stuck at the flowers near the entrance. To fix this, either go inside the lair again or rejoin.

Spinning King Beetle

This glitch can occur when fighting King Beetle, causing it to spin around. This glitch is pretty rare. The cause is currently unknown.

King beetle stuck in flower

The King Beetle stuck in the flower below the lair entrance.

Stick Nymph Spawns

Sometimes, when Stick Bug summons Stick Nymphs in a field with a wall beside it (the Strawberry, Bamboo, Spider, Clover, and Pineapple fields) one or two stick nymphs will occasionally get stuck inside a wall making them unable to move.

Stick Nymph Rain

If the player stands on the instant converter by the Mountain Top Field, they can trick all the Stick Nymphs into falling through the gap between the field and the platform, making them fall straight through to the inside of the Pro Shop (the Stick Nymphs noclip right through the ceiling), and will stay by the containers in the Pro Shop, constantly trying to get back to the Mountain Top Field. They will remain there after Stick Bug switches fields, and can kill anyone who is shopping in the Pro Shop. To fix this, simply kill the Stick Nymphs or just wait until Stick Bug despawns.

Cave Monster Death

When Cave Monsters die, their body will remain in the location of defeat. The walking sound will repeatedly play as if they were still walking. Rejoining could be a method to stop the walking sound.

Cub Buddy Stuck In Bag

When a cub buddy goes inside a bag in Pro Bear or Top Bear‘s shop, it can’t get out. When in the bag, they can't be interacted with.

An example of a Cub Buddy being stuck in a bag.

Enormous HP Bar Mobs

This glitch causes a mob to have enormous health bar. This is because that HP is the HP that the mob loads with, and after the mob loads, the game changes the HP. However, if the player's internet is slow or lagging, the game doesn't change the HP and so the mob appears to gain a large amount of HP. Its HP should return to normal after a short period of time.

No Numbers on Rogue Vicious Bee's Health Bar

This glitch causes the numbers on the Rogue Vicious Bee's health bar to go invisible. This is purely visual, and the moment a bee attacks it, it will return to normal.

An example of a mob's glitched HP bar.

Confused Coconut Crab

If the player stands on the wall of the Coconut Field, the Coconut Crab will think the player is standing on the field and try to attack the player with its claw attack, but cannot hit the player. It should be noted that the falling coconut attack still can hit the player, even though this can be dodged by jumping.

Commando Egg Transportation

If a Commando Chick transforms into an egg in the corner north-west of the arena's entrance, it can briskly move to the corner south-west of the entrance. It can also be seen jumping onto the ledge when in egg form.

Phantom Rogue Vicious Bee Attacks

If a player touches the base of the Rogue Vicious Bee's dormant spike while in the King Beetle's Lair, the Rogue Vicious Bee can start "attacking" a player in the Clover Field. A message will be sent to the server stating "⚠ [Gifted] Vicious Bee is attacking [Player] in the Clover Field ⚠" as normal, however, the players that would arrive at the Clover Field wouldn’t see anyone. The players would normally assume the "victim" of the Rogue Vicious Bee died, while those already viewing the Clover Field from up close will see a Vicious Bee get activated out of nowhere.

Frozen Stump Snail

An example of a glitched stump snail.

If a player with a cub buddy goes into the blue HQ and keeps on activating and deactivating the cub buddy it can get glitched inside the elite blue guard. However, it will still be able to teleport. If the player goes to the snail and position the glitched cub buddy in one of the corners, when the snail reaches that corner it will no longer be able to move. For more details watch this video:

Moving Commando Chick in Egg

It is unknown how this glitch occurs, but it causes the Commando Chick to move around while still inside its egg. Here's a video as reference for this glitch.

Dancing Stump Snail Glitch

A Stump Snail dancing in the field.

This glitch occurs sometimes when fighting the Stump Snail. It causes the Stump Snail to start moving from side to side. Part of its body can go off the field itself.

AFK Commando Chick Glitch

An AFK Commando Chick.

This glitch occurs when standing on the very edge of the doorway into the Commando Chick's area. It can be very tricky to do this as the player will most likely respawn Commando Chick a few times causing grenades to respawn. Also, getting in the right spot to trigger this glitch can be a bit of a pain. The player can still be killed if they are blown up by one of Commando Chick's grenades.

Speedy Commando Chick Glitch

This glitch occurs randomly when commando chick spawns. Commando Chick's feet become stuck in the ground and it will move around extremely quickly only stopping when hiding in its egg. This bug can occur in conjunction with the Moving Commando in Egg glitch.

Grenade Rain

This glitch can be performed by constantly exiting and entering the Commando Chick's hideout repeatedly, causing the Commando Chick to spawn and despawn while summoning two grenades at a time. The grenades can kill players inside the commando chick hideout. This glitch can be annoying for people that are in the commando chick hideout that just want to defeat their Commando Chicks. Very rarely, if the player does this enough, it will knock the fleeing Commando Chick into the ground. It will just sit there as the new commando chick does its normal behavior. After around 5 seconds, it will despawn.

Inanimate Coconut Crab

Similar to the Mobs Unable to Move glitch, the coconut crab can sometimes go inanimate and would therefore be unable to move.

Fireflies Not Moving

This can happen in the middle of the night. When this glitch occurs, the fireflies will not move and remain in the air until the night is over. The causes are unknown.

Fireflies not moving glitch

Fireflies not moving glitch

Fast Coconuts

Sometimes, a coconut from the Coconut Crab will drop too early. This will cause many problems for the players because it drops too fast and the player can't see it. Lag is one cause of this occurring.

A glitched Coconut Crab.

Moving Claws

Sometimes the claws of a Coconut Crab will move with the Coconut Crab; it can make things harder for players as the glitch happens from time to time if a player's connection isn't working properly.

Player Glitches

Quest Skipping

This can happen to a player for unknown reasons, all of the Quest Givers will act like the player have done more quests than they have actually done, giving them quests from way farther ahead without giving them the rewards for the quests that the game thinks they have completed. This means that the player could miss out on Spirit Bear quests and not be able to get all of the spirit petals or miss out on Science Bear quests and not get all of the translators.

Receiving/Completing Removed Quests

Occasionally, if a player has completed the requirements for a quest that has been removed from the game, they can still get the rewards or possibly receive the next quest, this appears to be most common with Black Bear's Old Repeatable Quests.

An image showing a player receiving one of black bear's old quests.

Talking to Spirit Bear with less than 35 bees

If the player has laggy internet or high ping, they can talk to Spirit Bear by gliding from the top of Windy Bee Gate with less than 35 bees.

Glider/parachute on while running glitch

If the player lands on the ground with a glider/parachute on, they will still have it on until they jump, equip it, and unequip it before they touch the ground. This glitch happened on 9/17/2020 but was patched the very same day. However, on 9/19/2020 it started to glitch again.

Shop Trap

This glitch can occur in any shop. When players reset with the shop open, they are unable to close the interface, as there is no button to do so. Players are able to exit the shop by resetting their character and spamming the E key, but this won't work all the time so players may have to reset a few times or rejoin.

Bear Morph Body Split Glitch

An example of the Bear Morph Body Split Glitch.

One glitch can rarely occur when players die or enter a game with Bear Morph active. It causes the player to appear with no head and sometimes a few limbs. Players will not be able to equip items and they'll often move erratically. To fix it, wait until the bear morph buff expires, then leave and rejoin the game. Resetting also works, but players will still lose their pollen.

An example of the Wall Stick Glitch with Bear Morph on.

Wall Stick Glitch

If Bear Morph is active and players get too close to an outside wall, they can get stuck in the wall. They will remain stuck until the bear transformation ends, and the player will be able to move again. If players try to do this on purpose, they will likely achieve the desired glitch. If players don't get out of the wall, they should leave and rejoin the game rather than resetting, so they don't lose the pollen in their backpack unless they use an Instant Converter or a micro-converter. Rarely, players can get stuck in a wall even without Bear Morph. Using certain Rthro packages, like the Gothic Gargoyle, can lead to body parts becoming distorted.

Invisible Splinter Trap

If a player respawns right as Stick Bug uses his Splinter Trap, they would still get the debuff. However, players will not see the pollen requirement to remove it, and will continuously deal damage until death unless they fulfill the pollen requirement.

Ant Challenge Haste+ Glitch

If players go into the ant challenge with Haste+ and run towards the ant hill, they will "leave" the challenge field and will be taken out of the field given the amulet with the score they had at the time of leaving.

Empty Ant Challenge Glitch

This glitch causes the Ant Challenge to be empty. It is unknown what causes this glitch.

The Empty Ant Challenge Glitch

Walking on Lava Glitch

A player on top of lava.

There are multiple Obstacle Courses that have instant-death floors. However, using a max scale Roblox character and one of the 2019 Rthro Football packages, it is possible to walk on top of these floors. However, certain emotes can cause the character to collide with the floor, such as /e dance3. This also works with the Levitation Animation Pack. Sometimes hitting the lava floor at a high enough speed (Such as jumping and landing) can cause the player to collide with it and die.

Stuck in Objects Glitch

If players have enough speed and run into a solid object, such as a strawberry, they can get stuck inside of the object. Players can get out by resetting and rejoining, or they can run glitch back out by mass jumping and running.

A player stuck in a strawberry in the Strawberry Field.

Sideways Ability

The Sideways Ability in action.

This glitch is a minor glitch and doesn't affect gameplay. Abilities such as the Porcelain Dipper ability, supercharged Golden Rake, and petal shuriken are based on the player's orientation. Because of this, activating an ability can be summoned sideways instead of upright. Possible ways to achieve this include being flung by Wild Windy Bee, or when the player is in a vertical facing position.

Glider Clip Glitch

Sometimes, if a wall is thin enough, the player will be able to glide against it and clip through it.

Shop Trap 2

If the player activates the red field booster and quickly open the shop, the button for activating the red field booster will be on the screen instead of the "Close Shop" button. This will result in the player getting stuck inside the shop with no way to close it.

Death Teleport

Sometimes when the player dies, their head or other body parts will teleport to the King Beetle’s Lair, no matter their location of death. This does not activate King Beetle. When the player is dead and teleports to King Beetle’ Lair after dying, they can’t leave the lair until they respawn.

Stuck in Ant Field Glitch

If the player has slow internet connection and starts the ant challenge, there is a chance that the game will detect the player as being "disconnected" from the game when the internet connection acts up. This causes the player to get stuck in the ant field, due to the game thinking the player had disconnected from the server. This can be fixed when someone else starts the Ant Challenge, kicking the player out of the field. This glitch is beneficial to some quests requiring pollen from the field.

Invisible Pollen Collector

A player having no collector.

There is a glitch where the player can lose their pollen collector, it is encountered when the player dies or it can happen if they click backspace. The player can fix this by rejoining , resetting their character or by equipping another collector and equipping their original one again. It can also happen when the inventory slot of the collector appears and is clicked.

Invisible Twigs

When Stick Bug moves to a different field and the player is not in flowers, the game will say they've been trapped in twigs, but the pollen to remove it and the twigs itself will not appear. This can be fixed by dying or leaving the game.

Floor Gliding

A player stuck in the floor.

This can happen when landing on the ground with high ping, you will get stuck in the floor and start moving around at high speeds with out being able to control where you are going, you can get out of the floor by moving off the edge of whatever surface you got stuck in or resetting. You can partially control which direction you move in by equipping your glider by pressing space. Note: If you play on computer you can use shift lock and move with your glider equipped.

Bee Glitches

Confused Bee

This glitch causes a bee to spin around the flower it wants to collect, instead of collecting it. To fix it, clear out the flower the bee is stuck in, and the bee will go somewhere else; or just leave the field and the bee will follow the owner.

An example of extreme bee energy.

Extreme Bee Energy

This glitch can occur after using Royal Jelly on a Photon Bee or an Exhausted Bee and leads to a bee having a ridiculous amount of energy. This can be fixed by leaving and rejoining the server. This glitch can also occur when a bee has full energy when the player dies. The energy is raised to incredible amounts.

Sleepy Bees

If the player resets the character very fast 2 or more times, once the bees wake up it will show that every bee the player owns has gone to sleep, even the bees with unlimited energy (Exhausted Bee, Photon Bee) if the player has them. The glitch replenishes all of the bees' energy.

Long Tail/Effect Glitch

A Tadpole Bee's. trail stretching

Temporary bees stuck near wealth clock.

This bug takes place when the player has bad internet connection, causing their bees to teleport around the screen. Any bees with 2D trails (Tadpole Bee, Crimson Bee, Cobalt Bee, Ninja Bee) will cause said trail to stretch to any length the bee has traveled through the lag.

Stuck Bees Glitch

In Beesmas 2020, if a player used Onett's Lid Art, Honeyday Candles, Gummy Beacon, or Honey Wreath (after the player finished Honey Bee's Beesmas quest) the player's temporary bees may get stuck anywhere around the map after they're supposed to despawn. This glitch will always happen if the owner of the bees leave. Even if the same player joins the same server again, the bees remain devoid of movement.

Vicious Bee Spike Glitch

If a new Mob spawns while a Vicious Bee uses its impale (while in range of the impale), each spike will deal the same amount of damage as it would if only a single spike targets a Mob (5% of health + attack damage), dealing massive amounts of damage. The easiest setup for it is with a Rogue Vicious Bee and Mondo Chick in the Mountain Top Field.

Unlimited Energy Bees Sleeping

Photon Bee running out of energy.

Sometimes bees with unlimited energy (Photon or Exhausted Bee) can run out of energy. This is mainly because their energy cannot be coded as a number, so their energy is set to extremely high numbers to make it seemingly infinite. They can run out of energy with enough time given.

Frozen Bee Glitch

Sometimes bees will freeze in their position and not move. The cause of this glitch is unknown, but it happens fairly commonly while fighting mobs, especially Stump Snail.

Confused Bees Glitch

This glitch can occur when when the Spider is still on cool-down. While it is recovering, the player can walk against the Spider Cave (where the Spider spawns), and the bees will think a hostile mob is around them. They will spawn tokens that will only be spawned when encountering an enemy (e.g: A Vicious Bee spawning an Impale token). This is for unknown reasons, but some people may have guessed that the Cave Monster spawn is above or to close to the Spider Cave, so the bees will spawn tokens that will only be spawned when attacking an enemy.

Visual/Audio Glitches

Sprout Glitch

An example of the sprout glitch.

When players pop a sprout too quickly, the numbers that show the amount of pollen needed will show the excess the pollen that was collected with a negative sign in front of it. The numbers will go below the field, as well as turning red.

Phantom Token

This glitch can happen when a player joins the game right when a Honeystorm or Snowstorm ends, after a sprout has been popped, or can happen very rarely by other means because the token appeared almost exactly when the player joined. Images of tokens are visible, but not the token itself. Players cannot collect phantom tokens.

A phantom pineapple token.

Incorrect Dialogue Box

Occasionally when the player interacts with the wind shrine the previous text box that they encountered will be displayed, but it still says it's from the Wind Shrine. This glitch can also be done with other NPCs if the player is in the dialogue box to start the Stick Bug Challenge and another player starts the challenge. The player can then talk to another NPC, which will show the normal dialogue for starting the challenge, but with the name of the NPC the player is talking to.

Onett/Stick Bug/Mondo Chick Falling

The incorrect dialogue box glitch.

geared bear morph glitch

The geared bear morph glitch.

Occasionally the statue of Onett on top of a hive, Stick Bug, or the Mondo Chick will fall off their designated location. Onett usually falls to the ground around the sixth hive. Stick Bug usually lands around the Mushroom Field, or sometimes the Dandelion Field. With the Mondo Chick, it usually lands on the Bamboo Field or in front of the Pro Shop. This glitch will not affect gameplay, except in the case of Mondo Chick, as players will have to move to a different location to continue fighting it.

Geared Bear Morph

This glitch happens when players equip any item while the bear morph buff is active. It simply makes gear appear when the player is a bear. The glitch gets fixed when the bear morph buff ends.

No Fog

This glitch happens when a Honeystorm, Snowstorm (from Beesmas 2020) or Mythic Meteor Shower is active and a switch between day and night occurs: the fog disappears. This does not end the Honeystorm or Mythic Meteor Shower, the fog is just invisible. Similar to the fog disappearing, if a Honeystorm is summoned during a Mythic Meteor Shower (or vice versa) the fog will override to the newer spawn. Afterwards, the fog will disappear.

Ant Challenge Boost Glitch

This glitch sometimes occurs after an Ant Challenge ends. The icon for the Ant Challenge buff will still be visible. The reason of this glitch is because the instant conversion is designed to last until the end of one whole run. Nothing will happen because it only grants 100% Ant Field Instant Conversion.

Red Hive Slot Glitch

Red Hive Slots.

This glitch makes a hive slot look red. To activate it, click and hold a random consumable from the inventory that doesn't give bond (gumdrops, magic beans, etc.) and use it as if it were to be fed to a bee. To fix it, players can either rejoin the game or click another random item (tickets and Spirit Petals won't work). This also works on empty hive slots but instead of turning the empty hive slot red, it will turn white. Using consumables that can be used outside of fields, like Red and Blue Extracts, can cause multiple bees to have red Hive Slots.

A white-colored empty hive slot (as seen on the top middle).

Extra-Bright Hive Slots

This glitch makes all the player's bees with a beequip brighter. To active it, the player should click and hold Swirled Wax and drag it to their hotbar. To fix it, rejoin the game or click on a treat.

Invisible Mask Icon

If players equip the Diamond Mask, its icon on the boost bar will be invisible. However, players can still hover their cursor over it and view its stats.

Phantom Glider

If players press the jump button right before the frame they hit the ground, they will jump back up, and the glider will be seen above the player. The player will not automatically glide but can input the glide command to trigger it as usual.

Invisible Glider

Sometimes if players die while gliding, they will see only 1 glider rope. When players use the gliding tool again, the rope will disappear.

Negative Pollen Quest Glitch

This glitch makes the amount of pollen that the player has collected in a quest be in negative numbers. This glitch happens randomly when redeeming a quest, or when the player pops a bubble and exits the field quickly.

No Cub Buddy Glitch

This glitch causes the Cub Buddy to not be in sight, even if the Cub Buddy is equipped.

Phantom Flame

This glitch is similar to a Phantom Token, but it happens to a Flame instead. A high-rise (or just maxed out) flame will appear indefinitely on a field, but the flame won't do anything. The cause of this glitch is currently unknown.

Bee Stats Glitch

This glitch causes the stats of a bee to be messed up, such as different attack, speed, energy, bond, level, and picture. Mostly, a frosty bee appears as placeholder.

Flower Texture Glitch

Occasionally, the texture on flowers will disappear and appear completely green. However, this is completely visual and the flower can still be collected. This glitch is often caused by lag. This can also happen if the player just joined Bee Swarm Simulator on a slow computer, where everything is still loading.

Amulet Glitches

A player's amulets stuck above the spider field.

Sometimes, for unknown reasons some of the player's amulets will disappear. However, the amulet's buffs are still active. This can be fixed by rejoining the game. There is also a glitch where if the player is in the Spider Field, players might see Amulets clumped together or a Cub Buddy without an owner. This is caused by someone leaving the server in the Spider Field a while ago. The glitch can’t be fixed.

Frozen Treats Glitch

A Sunflower Seed stuck on the screen with the Frozen Treats Glitch.

This glitch is known to freeze the image for a consumable item to get stuck on screen. This will more occur more often on mobile rather than a computer. To get this glitch to occur, the player should give all of one desired item to a bee all at once, then extremely quickly select and drag the same item that they just got rid of onto a place on the screen before the item in their inventory is no longer shown. If done correctly, the item will now appear to be stuck on the screen. To fix this glitch, leave then rejoin the server.

Green Hotbar Glitch

This glitch causes the player's hotbar to become green. To do this glitch, all players need to do is move an item from their items tab that can go to their hotbar and then close their item tab still holding the item. Then, let go of the item, and the hotbar should stay green. It will stay green until the player drags something to their hotbar, and let go of it without closing the items tab.

green screen hotbar glitch

The green hotbar glitch

Mask Decal Glitch

For some reason, whenever a player looks at their character through some surfaces, they can still see the front part of the mask they are wearing.

A player experiencing the Empty Make Honey glitch.

Empty Make Honey Glitch

Sometimes, if players have an empty bag, it says "Make Honey" instead of "Collect Pollen To Make Honey.", although clicking E doesn't do anything. The cause of this is unknown, but players can fix the glitch by leaving or collecting pollen, returning to hive and converting it to honey.

Empty Instant Converter Glitch

Like the Empty Make Honey Glitch, the Empty Instant Converter Glitch is almost the same. Normally, if the player doesn't have pollen in their bag and they attempt to use the Instant-Converter, it will say, "You need pollen to use the Instant Converter." But in some cases it will say "Use the Instant Converter" although the player does not have any pollen in their bag.

Out-of-Bounds Night Music Glitch

When out of bounds when it's nighttime in-game, when daytime arrives, the night music will still be playing. This will be fixed upon doing anything that would put the player back in bounds, such as resetting, or touching certain areas, which will teleport the player back to the Base Grounds. Leaving and rejoining the game also fixes this. This also works with the Special Sprout Summoner. When the player goes onto the summoner, and it becomes nighttime and daytime again, the night music still plays until they leave the area.

Incorrect Music Glitch

This glitch can occur if the Stick Bug Challenge is started and it ends at night. Instead of playing the normal night time music, it will instead play the music that plays in the respective area the player is in.

Forever Green Glitch

To do this glitch, put a treat of any kind in the item hotbar, and all of the player's hive slots will turn green. Players can also make this happen by dragging any kind of treat from the item hotbar, and then close the item hotbar. To fix this glitch, drag a Treat to anywhere except the toolbar.

Quest Counter Glitch

Translation says: Collect 30.000.000 pollen from Sunflower Field

A glitched Quest task counter in spanish (Translation: Collect 30.000.000 pollen from the Sunflower Field

This glitch makes the quest counter numbers say that the player have completed the quest task without completing it, that is, for example: kill 10 ladybugs and the player has killed 6 but the counter of ladybugs killed says the player killed 10. Obviously, the player can see that the task is not completed due to the green bar behind the text

Phantom Sprout

This happens when you lag. Once a sprout pops, there will be no more numbers on the sprout but the beam will still be there. This generally fixes itself after a few seconds.

A Phantom Sprout.

The area where the Base Grounds Music Glitch occurs.

Item Glitches

Invisible Purple Potion/Super Smoothie Glitch

Prior to the items being officially added to the game, it was possible to obtain Purple Potions and Super Smoothies from Tunnel Bear and King Beetle. The items could not be seen in the inventory, but could be donated to the Wind Shrine, where they had the texture of a basic egg and no donation value.

Broken Auto on Items

Sometimes, if players are using auto on items like gumdrops or coconuts lag may temporarily stop using the item for a few seconds. To fix this, ether use the item manually, or wait a few seconds for it to work again.

False Cooldown

When a cooldown occurs for an item in the hotbar, the time between each second is a bit more than what the game considers to be the cooldown of said item. This results in an item available to be used before the cooldown seen on the hotbar is completed. Usually, this is unnoticeable, but with long-cooldown items such as Glitter and Festive Beans, the cooldown difference is visible.

Sprinkler Glitch

This glitch is more of an exploit and needs to be patched and can affect gameplay. When the player jumps and use a sprinkler multiple times then they can stack sprinklers on top of each other or put them close together, which can be useful. Be aware that if the player has too much jump boost (sources of jump boost include bear morph, boots, etc) then it will show a message saying "You must be standing in a field to use this." This glitch is very powerful when the player has Golden Gushers or Diamond Drenchers sprinklers because they have a larger quantity of sprinklers.

Other Glitches

Bee Zone Glitch

This glitch is more of an exploit that needs to be patched. When the player cuts their connection, they are able to enter and interact with things beyond areas they are not able to access.

Big / Small Text Glitch

An example of the small text glitch (in the third bar, click for a better view).

This glitch is minor and does not affect gameplay. This mainly happens with quests, mostly Brown Bear's. The cause for this glitch is unknown, but could possibly be because of automated text format, or by the fact that the text cannot fit, forcing into a more fitting size.

Double Festive Gift Glitch

This glitch causes people to get two festive gifts from the same player at the same time. This might happen very rarely when players have slow internet or high ping.

Two Festive Gifts from the same player.

Double Memory Match Glitch

A player doing double memory match.

This glitch occurs when a player is playing memory match and moves to a different memory match and interacts with it. The cost of honey to play this second memory match is taken from the player and the cooldown begins but they do not get to play that game of memory match, causing the player to waste honey.

Broken Red Cannon Glitch

If the player is playing with laggy internet, the red cannon may transport the player to the mushroom field or makes them crash in to the nearest sunflower to the 5th and 6th hives.

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