Glitches are things that can happen in-game that are clearly unintended (and thus liable to be patched in future versions). They can be helpful, such as firing a cannon twice to speed up Gummy Bear quests, or unhelpful, such as getting killed unintentionally by lava. However, most of these glitches are purely visual which will not affect game play.

Currently-Present Glitches

The King Beetle Glitch

Sometimes, when playing, King Beetle will glitch out and go to the Blue Flower Field. However, it is frozen, and does not attack you, even when you are standing inside it, as shown in the picture(right).


The Zooming Disappearing Pollen Glitch

RobloxScreenShot20190207 203122879

When you zoom in to your backpack, the pollen count suddenly vanishes, though if you zoom out it, the pollen count reappears.

Shop Leaving Glitch

Sometimes when pressing 'E' to leave, while you press 'E' to open the shop, you can't get out, even if you reset, and you will have to leave the game.

Ninja Frosty Bee

RobloxScreenShot20190202 153955163
When you click a bee's hive slot in your hive, the first thing that appears is the name of Ninja Bee with an image of a Frosty Bee and it's stats. Usually, it quickly changes to the bee clicked in the next few seconds.

Getting other player tools

Sometimes when you stand near a player, you will fall back and stay immobile for 3 or more seconds, after you will get the tool with its stats.

Elevated Username

Sometimes when you join the game, your username or another player's username can be high above your hive. This may be because someone was using the hive before you had >5 hive expansions so the username had to be raised.

Invisible Pumpkins

Sometimes when you go to Pumpkin Patch, the pumpkins don't appear, but they are still there.

Broken Backpack/Pollen Collector

RobloxScreenShot20180725 124435745
Dying, especially in the ant challenge, can break your pollen collector. No matter how much you click, your tool will not move. Usually, your backpack's pollen indicator will break at the same time: the indicator will say a low number, no matter how much pollen your bees collect. (You can still fill the pack, and you can convert it to honey, but you'll need to look at the player list to see how much pollen you have.) You can tell that you are going to have this glitch if, after you die, you spawn at the spawn point instead of in front of your hive. You may be able to fix this glitch by resetting your character. More dependable fixes are changing your tool/backpack, or leaving the game and coming back.

Silent Bears

Sometimes, you can't talk to any NPC. Pressing E or clicking/tapping the "Talk to..." button doesn't have any effect, and you can't receive or complete quests. To fix it, you need to rejoin the game. 

Zombie Mob

Dead Werewolf still alive

Werewolf affected by glitch

Sometimes, when bees attack a mob, it refuses to die. The mob is left with an empty health bar, but still alive. The mob is still able to attack the player, but the bees go back to collecting pollen because they think that the mob is dead. The only way to fix this is to respawn the mob: go out of the field and wait for the mob to disappear, then re-enter the field. This could be a result of bad lag.

Pacifist Tunnel Bear

When Tunnel Bear reaches the player, instead of killing the player they will stay alive with 1 health. However, the bees will go back to the hive as if the player had died. Tunnel Bear will wave as he does when he despawns but will keep chasing you instead of despawning.

To fix it, either let Tunnel Bear kill you, or exit the White Tunnel.

Confused Bee

This glitch causes a bee to spin around the flower it wants to collect, rather than collecting it. To fix it, clear out the patch the bee is stuck in, and the bee will go somewhere else; or just leave the patch and the bee will follow you.

Stuck in Wall

If Bear Morph is active and you get too close to an outside wall, you can get stuck in the wall. You remain stuck while the bear transformation lasts. If you try to do this on purpose, there is an extremely high chance you will get this glitch. Usually, as soon as you regain your usual form, you can move again. (If not, leave the game and come back instead of resetting your character, so you don't lose the pollen in your pack.)

It is possible to get stuck in the wall even without Bear Morph, but that is much rarer.

Auto Jump

This glitch can be performed by jumping while entering a shop. You will continue jumping after you leave the shop until you either press the menu button or walk. This glitch is harder to achieve than the auto-walk glitch since jumping is harder to time than walking.

Rose Field Wall Glitch

Sometimes, while farming in the Rose Field, you may somehow phase through the blue wall, getting you stuck outside the map. You can simply leave, or fall off the baseplate in order to enter back into the map. This glitch may be possible with other fields with walls adjacent to them.

Infinite Energy

If you use a Royal Jelly on a Photon Bee or an Exhausted Bee, then the energy of the bee that you achieve will be 280 million or higher. (Note: It is possible that this glitch may occur when using Royal Jelly, even if the bee wasn't a Photon Bee or an Exhausted Bee. The reason for this is unknown.)
2018-09-11 (17)

Crazy Amulets

Sometimes when you join a server, your amulets will be doing a crazy dance, flashing in and out, flying everywhere, and just generally behaving... well, crazy. If you wait a bit, the craziness will usually stop on its own. (This probably occurs due to lag.)

Stuck Mob

RobloxScreenShot20180731 115048686
Sometimes, mobs get stuck in their environment. For example, the left-hand Mantis in the Pine Tree Forest can get stuck in the tree. To "fix" it, defeat the mob. (This certainly fixes it from your point of view. From the mob's point of view, not so much.)

Headless Bear-Man

RobloxScreenShot20180809 184133086 (2)
If you die, reset your character, or leave the game with Bear Morph active, when you respawn/rejoin, you can end up missing one or more limbs and/or your head. This can also happen if you join the game while still having the bear buff active: you can lose your head or legs after it expires. To fix it, wait until the bear buff expires, then leave and rejoin the game. Sometimes you may not lose any limbs or head, but instead will look like a bear, but with hats and guards still equipped. This can also happen due to lag.

Geared Bear

If you equip gear with Bear Morph active, your character will still be in bear morph, but the gear will still be visible. (This is different from Headless Bear Man glitch because you do not need to die)

It is just a visual glitch and does not affect gameplay. To fix it, wait for Bear Morph to wear off.

Player Warp Ragdoll

When interacting with things that warp the player, it will sometimes cause the player's character to "go crazy" (aka "ragdoll"), making it bounce around all over the place. The player will stand back up and regain control after a few seconds. This happens with most methods of transportation (especially the Red Cannon), entering or exiting the King Beetle Lair, using the teleporter pad in the White Tunnel, or entering the Ant Challenge. Being in motion when activating a cannon can increase the likelihood of this glitch, as can Bear Morph.

No Clip Bug

A famous glitch in Roblox, as it is a way to go through walls (usually thin ones). You can use this glitch as a way to possibly bypass areas.

Extremely Long Token Duration

This glitch can happen when you leave a game and join again quickly. The ability token boosts at the bottom of your screen will be very tall and have a longer duration.

Bee Treating Freeze

If you feed a treat too fast or accidentally click on a treat when you have already fed it to a bee, the whole hive can get stuck in a treat-giving mode. To fix it, click another treat in your inventory. If that doesn't work (or if you don't have any other treats), leave the game and come back.
Roblox athro bug

Rthro Guard Visual Error

With the release of Rthro parts now in Roblox, wearing any of the new arm meshes cause the guards to be located in an odd position. The arm guards will still operate normally, regardless of the visual error.

No Pollen Glitch

Sometimes if you join a server the whole server will be glitched, and the flowers won't grow so you can't get pollen. The workaround for this is to join a new server or use some sprinklers to make them grow like they normally do.

Dead Bear

Noob bear died
Sometimes, for no reason, bears will appear dead. It is unknown why this happens. (You can also kill Top Bear by standing near him when a Rogue Vicious Bee is attacking in the Mountain Top field.)

Auto Walk Glitch

If you use the thumbstick while opening a shop, the thumbstick will be stuck in place and cannot be moved. Your character then automatically walks in the direction the camera is facing. This can be fixed by clicking the menu button in the top right corner. On a PC, a similar thing can happen if you keep an arrow key depressed while opening a shop.
Stick bug glitch

Stick Bug Falls Down

Sometimes, the Stick Bug decides to pull a glitch from The Onett statue above the hives, and he will fall and stand on the ground in front of the mushroom field. (And possibly near the ticket exchange machine.). He is also noted for being face down in Dandelion Field. Players can still talk to Stick Bug on the biggest mushroom.

Stuck Ability Glitch

Sometimes, after the Ant Challenge, you will still have the Ant Challenge ability (which gives you 100% instant conversion). Sadly, this glitch is only visual and doesn't give you 100% instant conversion.

(This glitch may also work with other abilities, but it hasn't been tested yet.)
Stuck Snail

Stuck Snail

Sometimes, the Stump Snail will glitch in the air and will not move. Your snail won't spawn and you can collect at the field with your bees without your bees attacking the snail.

Snail Dance

Sometimes the Stump Snail will move in random directions if either a Honeystorm is activated or if the player is moving in random directions.

To fix it, either leave the game then rejoin or leave the field to stop fighting Stump Snail (if you choose to stay, you’ll have to be careful as the hitbox will also move, putting you at risk)

Slanted Stick Bug

Slanted Stick Bug
When the Stick Bug jumps on to another field, the Stick Bug might get glitched and stand weirdly. The Stick Bug won't move or attack. But you will get damaged if you walk into it.

Ant Challenge after Death

Sometimes, if you lag really bad during an ant challenge and die while you are still lagging, you will stay in the ant challenge field after you have died and you will be able to stay in there and collect pollen. The only known way to leave is to reset your character, rejoin the game or for someone else to start the ant challenge.

Stuck Stick Bug

Sometimes, the Stick Bug can get stuck in a ledge near Pumpkin

He is completely stuck.

Patch when he goes for the player that stands on this ledge. This prevents him from moving, falling into flowers, summoning his Stick Nymphs and using his attacks. The only way to fix this is by fully drains his health to 0, so he will jump to another field. Stick Bug can also be stuck in the giant pineapple in the Pineapple Patch. 
Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 6.50.45 PM

What is this, a GUI For Ants?

Sometimes, BSS's GUI elements (such as buffs, stat bars, the menu bar, pop-up messages, quest giver's dialogue, and many other GUI's) can shrink to a very small size. To fix it, rejoin the game.

Nighttime Music Glitch

If the Stick Bug Challenge ends at night, the game will not play mountaincall OST, as it usually does. Instead, it will play "Wax" or "bpatrol" OST.

Magic Bean Glitch


Sometimes if two players use a magic bean together, you can get two sprouts in one field.

Pollen Collector And Sprinkler Builder

Sometimes, you can have a pollen collector and sprinkler builder at the same time.

Lost Pollen Collecting

When you're farming/doing something on BSS, and suddenly your pollen collector disappears. This bug can happen by using the tool dropper, aka [DELETE] button.
RobloxScreenShot20190117 211255262

The proof.

It is best to rejoin or reset, but it won't make the glitch go away.

Unknown Status Glitches

Stuck Fireflies

Sometimes, the fireflies get stuck in obstacles, like the medium strawberry. No matter how much you walk around and over the obstacle, the firefly inside it will stay put. To fix it, use your pollen collector to nudge the firefly. You may have to try different angles/approaches, but eventually, the firefly will move. (Or night will turn to day and the fireflies will leave.)

Noob Shop Death

There is a point on the wall to the right of Noob Bear where the "lava" from the obstacle course has escaped its bounds. If you touch it, it will kill you.

Scythe/Porcelain Dipper + Cannons (partially patched)

If you have the Scythe or Porcelain Dipper equipped, the cannons will often (not always) seriously undershoot you. The Yellow Cannon, which is supposed to put you down on or near the respawn point, will sometimes only get you to the edge of the Dandelion Field, and in extreme cases, will only get you to the Blue Flower Field. The blue cannon, which ordinarily puts you down in the middle of the Clover Field, will instead get you on or near the ramp to the Basic Bee Gate. And the red cannon, which is supposed to shoot you into the Mountain Top Field, will barely get you to the Spider Field. The red cannon can also shoot you upward in the sky, but not far enough to the mountain top field. (Oddly enough, the slingshot - ordinarily pretty glitchy regardless of your tool - doesn't exhibit any glitches with the Scythe.)

The workaround is to put away your pollen collector before using a cannon. Alternatively, if you have a Parachute or Glider, deploying it once you're high enough up can help you get to where you want to go.

Multi Cannon Shot

Sometimes, when you click 'E' very fast the cannon will shoot you multiple times. This was very useful for Gummy Bear quests as each fire counted for the quest. You can get more shots in if your internet connection is slow.

Alternatively, double-clicking on 'E' can cause the cannon to undershoot you.

Parachute/Glider + Cannon Glitch

If you're using the Parachute or the Glider when you activate a cannon, then the cannon will fire, but you will not move.

No Honey Glitch

Sometimes people are just unable to transform their pollen into honey at their hive. To fix it, rejoin the game.

White Face

This very unusual glitch can happen if the game failed to load properly: all the bees' facial features will be white instead of the usual color.

Starter Music Glitch

Sometimes if you use the Yellow Cannon and parachute onto the direct edge (one of your feet can go off the edge) of the 15 bee area, by the Red HQ and Rose Field, it may keep playing the starter music. To fix it, just go into the starter area and then go into the 5 Bee Area. It will return to the 5-and-above area music.

Parachute Jump Boost

Sometimes while using the Parachute, you can occasionally get jump higher than normal. It's unknown why this happens, and it could also be possible with the glider.

Roof Bear

RobloxScreenShot20180718 153153101
Sometimes, depending on the way you enter the tunnel, the Tunnel Bear will end up on top of the tunnel, instead of inside it. It might seem like this would make it easy to defeat Tunnel Bear, but he will be too high up for your bees to attack him. Thus, you have to keep jumping, which can confuse your bees so they fly in circles instead of doing anything useful. Eventually, the time limit (3 minutes) will kick in, and Tunnel Bear will respawn inside the tunnel.

Field Boost Glitch

RobloxScreenShot20180724 140107477
When a player dies while having an active field boost, the player's pack is emptied, and the boost icon disappears from the player's GUI, but the particles above the previously boosted field are still visible until the time when the boost is actually supposed to end. This is purely a visual glitch and won't affect normal gameplay. (Note that the glitch is the particles still being there; the boost ending after dying is a penalty feature Onett added.)

Orphaned Amulets

Sometimes, you can find an amulet or set of amulets floating in mid-air with no owner under it. This usually happens at the spawn point, but can also happen near the Ant Arena entry pad or above the Spider Field corner.

Sticky Honey Button

Sometimes, after making honey, instead of a message appearing at the top of your screen saying to collect pollen from fields, the "make honey" button can still be on your screen, meaning you can still "make honey", even when having 0 pollen. However, when pressing the button, nothing happens. This same glitch can happen with the instant converter, as you can use it, even when having 0 pollen.

Stuck In Pine Tree

Pine Tree Stuck Glitch
This glitch occurs if the player uses the pine tree located next to the 15 bee area to avoid activating the Mantis. The player walks up against a branch and gets stuck, not able to get out. The only way to solve this is either reset your character or rejoin the game.

Multiple Token Link

This glitch happens when two Token links (or more on rarer occasions) are in the same flower tile. Touching the token links will collect all your tokens and give you the per-link bonus honey as usual, but more than one time. This can also happen on multiple tiles, as long as they are all triggered at the same time.

Negative Pollen

This glitch makes your quest's progress into negative numbers. Collecting more pollen should fix it.

Flower Killer

Randomly, the flower under you will clear but not give any pollen. To fix it, use a sprinkler or just leave and rejoin the game.

Floating Sprout

Floating seedling
When a sprout spawns in a laggy server, it may appear to float. You can still pop the Sprout and it doesn't affect gameplay.

Onett Falling Down

Sometimes, the NPC of Onett on top of the hive closest to the red cannon might fall down.

Infinite Health Mob

When a mob spawns (or in Stick Bug's case, gains a level), it can have millions of health. This happens in less than a second, and when the health bar becomes fully green, the health glitch will be gone. Mobs cannot have millions of health from this glitch after the glitch is gone, so it is only a visual glitch and doesn't affect gameplay.

Spinning Snail Glitch

If you go to the Stump Field, you'll sometimes see the Stump Snail spinning in the cave on the Stump Field like crazy, glitching around wildly. It does not deal any damage. If you walk onto the field, a normal snail will come out but the glitched one will still be there. Very rarely, TWO Stump Snails can be found glitching. This might be because multiple people get glitched snails at a time.

Lava/Shadow Floor Walk

If you rapidly jump as soon as you hit either the floor of the 30 bee area or lava in the Lava Obby, you will not die unless you stop jumping. This provides an easy way to obtain the Diamond Egg from Shadow Bear or get to the Royal Jelly or Demon Mask shop. This may be due to the delay between touching the floor and killing the player.

No Cannon Fire Glitch

Sometimes when you try to fire a cannon, you will be dropped in front of the cannon but not launch.

Lost Pollen Collectors

Sometimes the shop says your pollen collector is equipped, but it's not in your inventory. You can fix this by resetting your character.

Patched Glitches

Boot Movement Collection Fail

If you are wearing boots (Basic, Hiking Boots or Beekeeper's) and you die, you will lose your movement collection. The glitch can occur when you die in the Ant Challenge as well as when you reset your character. To fix it, change boots or leave the game and come back.

A variant of this glitch can occur from unknown causes: your movement collection can be broken right off the bat, as soon as you join a server. In this case, the only fix is to change boots.

Almost Dead

This glitch happens when lagging. If the player still has the force field and uses a cannon and lands on any gate with insufficient bees, when the force field runs out, the player will not die. Instead, the player will have low HP. This can be used to bypass gates, which may be helpful. (This was fixed in the September 10th update by making inaccessible gates solid as well as deadly.)

Max Capacity Glitch

This glitch existed in earlier versions of the game.

  1. Collect more than 150 pollen in one bag, but do not convert it into honey.
  2. Switch the bag to a pouch.
  3. All the pollen would still be stored in the pouch, and when converted into honey, the capacity for the pouch would become the amount of pollen the player had when it was equipped.

This worked for all bags except the Port-O-Hive since there was at the time no better bag than it.

The way this was fixed is that now if you switch to a smaller bag that can't hold all your pollen, you simply lose the excess pollen.

Scythe Speed Boost

Pressing W and D together while equipping the Scythe makes you leap forwards, and fast. You can also hold just D, just A, just S and more.

Booster Extreme Cooldown


Extremely long cooldown

This glitch can be found on all boosters and the instant converter. The admin has given a statement about this bug and how to fix it.
"We think it’s a problem with the player’s time settings in their devices. If you tell the player to make sure all time settings are accurate on their device, it should provide a fix until we solve the bug."

No Music Glitch

To get this glitch, go through the Basic Bee Gate, then back through once the music starts to fade out. The result is no music, even if the music setting in the System Page is on. Another way to do this is to, first, use the yellow cannon, then get to an area where the music changes (like the starter fields) without landing. Then turn to a different area where the music changes (like the fields past the Basic Bee Gate) once the music starts to fade out. Going through the Basic Bee Gate fixes the glitch, and the music returns to normal.

Ant Challenge Glitch

RobloxScreenShot20180728 190040157
When another player is doing Ant Challenge, you can touch the white door on the left side of the green box and teleport inside. The player will keep getting teleported to the middle of the green box. Occasionally, the system will stop the teleportation and players can farm in ant challenge field. The challenger cannot do the challenge (i.e. trolling).
RobloxScreenShot20180713 000137020
[Note: you will be teleported onto the spawn pad instead of inside the ant challenge.]

Wrong Rarity Glitch

The bees in other hives have the wrong rarity icons. The player's hive will not receive the glitch and only you can see messed up icons on other hives. This is purely a visual glitch and will not affect gameplay in any way. In reality when this glitch occurs the rarity will be right, but the face will be wrong. This glitch was recently patched.

Ant Entry Glitch

In the Ant Challenge, there is a very slim chance the Ant Pass will fail. Thankfully, you keep your pass but have to wait 2 minutes to try and enter again. (This also occurs when you haven't been in the server for 2 minutes, as stated in the Ant Challenge Help.)

Stuck in Shop

RobloxScreenShot20180701 103735165

Image of a player stuck in the shop screen.

To activate this glitch, enter any shop and then reset your character. You can also enter a shop and die, via a Rogue Vicious Bee or Gummy Bear (Gummy Bear's Lair). You will still be in the shop, but there won't be a Close Shop button. Alternatively, if you're in the Blue HQ you can just simply go through the Blue Portal and then as quick as possible, enter the blue shop.

The only way to recover from this situation is to leave the game and come back.

Stuck Fireflies

During the night, fireflies might go to the Pineapple Patch. When levitating up, the Fireflies stay up there and don't move. This may be because the Pineapple is making the Fireflies stuck. Was solved so you can pass through the pineapple to touch the fireflies in the Pineapple.

Pass Gate Glitch

Repeatedly mash the space button with the parachute or glider and you will clip through. And old version of this glitch was patched during the Puppy Bee Update, where you had to reset your character, run to the red cannon and shoot it and glide through the gate with a glider while the invincibility forcefield is still around your character. That glitch was patched because the gates are now solid blocks and you can't go through unless you have the right number of bees.

No Mobs Glitch

Nobody knows why this happened but on the first join of the game, no mobs spawned. Leave the game and rejoin to fix it.

RobloxScreenShot20181222 131119505

Stick Bug out of the field he is supposed to be in.

Stick Bug Glitch

During the Stick Bug Challenge, there is a glitch that can happen which consists in Stick Bug glitching out of the field he's supposed to be on, an example is the Mountain Top Field, where he can instead glitch into the Pro Bear's shop.

It gives you an advantage on Stick Bug as he cannot attack you or summon Stick Nymphes, however, he can still hit you when you are too close to him.
RobloxScreenShot20181222 131316611

Stick Bug stuck in Pro Bear's shop.

The glitch has been tested and could make the players kill Stick Bug until he glitches somewhere else again. After glitching out he still didn't make it to the field he was supposed to reach, which could give even more advantages if you find where he glitched.

To make the glitch occur, you must kill him really fast and be lucky, until he goes to a field where he can get stuck (like Mountain Top Field to Pro Bear's shop), and you must wait until the end of the challenge to have the glitch fixed [But who would try to fix a glitch giving you advantages?]

King Beetle Glitch

If you go into the King Beetle's Lair which is located near the Blue Flower Field, find the corner that says "Song Name," and go into the corner and stays there. King Beetle must stand on the text for the glitch to work.

King Beetle should be stuck and can't hit you, so your bees have a huge advantage against him.

Extremely Long Instant Converter Cooldown

For some reason, the Instant Converter may have an extremely long cooldown time. Usually, the cooldown time is 15:00 minutes, but sometimes the glitch happens and adds 1 hour to the Instant Converter you've used for the cooldown time.

Gray Bubble Bee Man Glitch

Screenshot (9)-0
As you load in, the Bubble Bee Man Mask shows up as a gray version of itself. It goes away after a few seconds

Not Really Glitches

Out of Map

This Bee Swarm Simulator Glitch Needs to be Patched..

This Bee Swarm Simulator Glitch Needs to be Patched...

There are multiple ways to go outside the game map.
  1. Use the yellow cannon in combination with luck, perseverance, and the parachute.
  2. Use the Red Cannon in combination with the parachute (or glider).
  3. If the red cannon is feeling feisty, use the red cannon without the parachute.
  4. Use the Blue Cannon in combination with proper timing, and the glider.
  5. Walk up the diamond behind Gifted Riley Bee in the Red HQ and jump out in combination with four types of red bees and your jump power at 75.
RobloxScreenShot20180505 094121349 (2)
The results of going outside the map will depend on where you end up.
  • If you get close to the outside wall of Blue HQ, you can access the shop.
  • Some of the red "lava" from the Noob Shop obstacle course can be found outside the map. It'll kill you just as effectively as it would inside the map.
  • While on the ground outside the map, you can jump up onto a tiny patch of the Rose Field (You need good boots and/or the Propeller Hat) and collect pollen from flowers. You can also kill scorpions without taking damage.
  • Near the 30 bee area outside the map, there is a small patch of Pine Tree Forest. The flowers are floating, but position your character correctly and you can collect pollen.
  • There is also a +5 sign if you use the red cannon to glitch out of the map near the 30 bee gate.

Frozen Field-Defenders

Mobs get confused when you're in the air. You can take this to the extreme by going into a defended field, waiting until the mob is close enough to you for your bees to attack it, and then holding down your jump button so that you jump continuously. The mob will appear frozen, as each time you leave the field (by jumping) it wants to retreat, but each time you enter the field (by landing between jumps) it wants to attack.

This method does not work on mobs that aren't defending a field (i.e. King Beetle, Tunnel Bear, Ants, and the Cave Monsters). King Beetle can have some trouble aiming at you if you're in the air, but he doesn't get frozen.

Beamstorm hits 2 field instead of 1!

If you use Beamstorm on the right side of the Pumpkin Patch (or the left side of the Cactus Field) Beamstorm may hit both fields. It actually DOES collect pollen from both fields, but it will not affect gameplay and could be useful (if you are on one of Black Bear’s Quests)

Auto-Click (PC)

ROBLOX - Auto Glitch Tutorial - Bee Swarm Simulator

ROBLOX - Auto Glitch Tutorial - Bee Swarm Simulator

This glitch can only be used on PC. If you click and drag your mouse off of the Roblox window — e.g. to the taskbar, or if you're not in full-screen mode, to the top or side, or if you have a 2nd monitor, to that, — then let go, it auto-clicks for you. (See video.) This isn't a Bee Swarm Simulator exclusive glitch, as it can occur in any Roblox game where continuous clicking via holding down the mouse button is enabled. To stop auto-clicking simply click back on the screen.

Wing Glider

To do this glitch go to the Mountain Top Field and go to the Red Guard of the 30 bee gate. Use the glider and jump onto the guard and hold A. You will glide along the Red Guard and fall. 

Field sparkles

When you use Glitter and the boost ends, the sparkles from the glitter boost will still be there even if the boost from the Glitter is gone.
RobloxScreenShot20190106 144842117