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Patches of Goo covering the Pineapple Patch.

However, then there are 2 types of colors from gumdrops.

Goo is a purple-to-teal substance that gives the player bonus honey when spread across flowers. It is required for all of Onettโ€™s and Spirit Bear's quests and was required for all of Gummy Bear's quests, as well as for some Gifted Riley Bee and Gifted Bucko Bee quests and some of Science Bear's quests. Using gumdrops is the easiest and common way to manually spread goo until one gets the Gummy Boots.

The following formula shows how much bonus honey a player gets from goo:

This means that the larger the goo puddle, the more bonus honey the player gets.

To collect goo, collect pollen as usual (with tools, bees, and/or their ability tokens) from flowers that are covered in goo.

Unlike ability tokens, goo can be freely shared with other players. Collecting goo depletes the underlying flowers, but does not actually "use up" the goo itself, since goo puddles disappear on their own over a short period of time.


  • Gummy Bear's Gummy Cannon used to shoot gumdrops at all fields except the Mountain Top Field and the fields added after the event (which are Stump Field, Coconut Field, Pepper Patch, and the Ant Field). When the gumdrops landed, they turned into goo. Gummy Bear used to continually cycle through all 13 fields excluding the Mountain Top Field in a random order. When he targeted a field, the server used to announce it in the bottom right corner as well as in the chat window.
    • The Gummy Cannon didnโ€™t always shoot in the center of fields. Sometimes, the gumdrops landed outside of the field, making them vanish and sometimes going to the surrounding fields.
  • If a gumdrop falls outside of a field and does not land on a flower, it disappears.
  • Gummy Bee's glob and gumdrop barrage abilities both spread goo in fields.
  • Activating Gummy Maskโ€™s Gummy Morph passive ability covers the entire field the wearer is in with goo.