"Use while standing in a field to cover flowers in goo. Goo grants bonus honey."
2 seconds

Gumdrops are an inventory item that was introduced in the 5/26/2018 Gummy Invasion Update. When used, gumdrop blobs fall from the air and splatter goo if they hit a flower. Goo grants an additional 40% bonus honey. Bigger goo puddles yield more honey. Gumdrops can also be used to craft other materials and certain accessories.

A player using gumdrops.

Ways to Obtain Gumdrops

The methods below are no longer possible.

  • Using the Honey Dispenser during the Gummy Invasion (gave 1 gumdrop every use).
  • Before Gummy Bear left, completing his quests each gave one gumdrop, except for the last quest, for which the reward was a Gummy Bee egg.
    • Finding the gumdrop token behind where Gummy Bear used to be (5 gumdrops). It can’t be obtained anymore.
  • When the Egg Hunt 2019 Event was active, the player could find a token behind the Egg Hunt Info. The token is currently covered by a green platform; however, it is close enough to be reached along its wall.
  • Under the Beesmas Tree, there was a gumdrop token worth 5 gumdrops.
  • There was a gumdrop token worth 15 gumdrops behind the Golden Present.
  • Opening the Gooey Present rewarded 100 gumdrops and other items.
  • As a drop from stockings.
  • Redeeming certain expired codes:
    • Arizona (Gave 10 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • Tabby (Gave 5 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • JellyHill (Gave 5 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • MischiefMaker (Gave 10 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • CornSyrup (Gave 10 gumdrops).
    • Unity (Gave 5 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • Starch (Gave 30 gumdrops).
    • 100mVisits (Gave 5 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • Xanthan (Gave 30 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • Gel (Gave 15 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • LateNightGumdrops (Gave 20 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • Afternoon (Gave 20 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • SugarRush (Gave 10 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • GummyBoost (Gave 30 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • Pectin (Gave 10 gumdrops).
    • Tapioca (Gave 10 gumdrops).
    • MillionMembers (Gave 10 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • 1mFavorites (Gave 5 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • Gumdrops (Gave 20 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • MayRuTreats (Gave 5 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • GummySausage (Gave 10 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • WillGoold (Gave 10 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • Crafty (Gave 25 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • BeeDay2019 (Gave 1 gumdrop + other stuff).
    • Leftovers (Gave 10 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • ClubBasket (Gave 10 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • WikiHonor (Gave 10 gumdrops + other stuff).
    • BeesmasBegins (Gave 5 gumdrops + other stuff).

Crafting Uses

Number of Gumdrops Other items required Crafted item
5x Gumdrops
1x Royal Jelly
5x Pineapple
1x Moon Charm
25x Gumdrops
2,500,000 Honey
100x Pineapple
1x Moon Charm
Propeller Hat
50x Gumdrops
10x Royal Jelly
2500x Gumdrops
N/A, formed at the Gummy Bee Egg Claim
Gummy Bee.png
Gummy Bee



  • The gumdrop flavors are pink lemonade and honeydew, as Onett once mentioned.
  • Gumdrops are the only item that changes the overlay on the leaves.
  • Gumdrops are the cheapest items in the game that cost tickets, costing only 1/3 tickets, and they are also the cheapest to speed up in the Blender, along with moon charms, requiring only 1 ticket for every 10 gumdrops.
  • If the player crafts glue in the Blender, it will say "[Amount of glues crafting * 50] Gumdropss" instead of "Gumdrops". This also happens when donating gumdrops to the Wind Shrine and getting Gummy Bee from the Gummy Bee Egg Claim.
  • There is a buff that allows the player to use gumdrops without expending their own for 3 minutes (only obtainable from codes and the Glue Dispenser). It is called Unlimited Gumdrops.
  • To enter Gummy Bear's Lair, the player will need to use a gumdrop on top of the Gummy Bee at the Gummy Bee Egg Claim near the Ant Gate.
  • Gumdrops are currently the only way to get Gummy Bee after the 4/5/2019 update.
  • After the 9/28/2019 update, the hotkey for gumdrops (G), along with the hotkey of stingers and micro-converters, were removed.
  • Before the 4/5/2019 update, if the player attempted to use gumdrops before the cooldown was over, a message in the bottom right corner would say: [Must wait X seconds to use gumdrops again]. If the player doesn’t have any gumdrops, a message will appear saying: [You don't have any Gumdrops], meaning the player must get more to use.
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