Hasty Bee

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"A quick bee who always zips arounds [sic]. Sometimes it even makes YOU move faster."





Hasty Bee is a Colorless Rare bee.

Hasty Bee's favorite type of treat is pineapples.

Hasty Bee likes the Sunflower Field, Cactus Field, and Pine Tree Forest. It dislikes the Pumpkin Patch and Stump Field.



  • [Haste] Grants +10% Player Movespeed for 20 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times (i.e. x5 haste means +50% Movespeed).

Hasty Bee has a base pollen collection of 10 WhiteFlowerLarge.png in 3 seconds.

That's equivalent to 3.33 WhiteFlowerLarge.png per second.

(20 WhiteFlowerLarge.png in 3 seconds with x2 Bee Pollen gamepass)

Pollen Collection
Flower Tier Bee Pollen with Critical Hit
without Melody with Melody
Single 10 20 30
Double 20 40 60
Triple 30 60 90
Large 40 80 120
Star 50 100 150

Hasty Bee can make 80 HoneyDrop.png in 3 seconds!

That's equivalent to 26.67 HoneyDrop.png per second.

(80 HoneyDrop.png in 1.5 second/s with x2 Honeymaking Speed)

Honey Collection with Science Enhancement

Science Enhancement Production Rate Number of Produced Honey
1 25% 100
2 50% 120
3 75% 140
4 100% 160
5 125% 180
6 150% 200
7 175% 220
8 200% 240

Science Enhancement Production Rate Number of Produced Honey
9 225% 260
10 250% 280
11 275% 300
12 300% 320
13 325% 340
14 350% 360
15 375% 380
16 400% 400

Basic Egg.png Egg and Jelly Probability RJ.png
Item Base Probability Probability of getting a particular rare bee.
Basic Egg.pngBasic Egg 10% 1.11%
Silver Egg.pngSilver Egg 64.9% 7.21%
Gold Egg.pngGold Egg 0% 0%
Diamond Egg.pngDiamond Egg 0% 0%
Mythic Egg.pngMythic Egg 0% 0%
RJ.pngRoyal Jelly 70% 7.78%



  • The Hasty Guard, which can be bought in the Pro Shop, has a special design, name, and stats dedicated to Hasty Bee.
  • This is the only bee to have a gifted bonus that affects Player Movespeed. 
  • This bee, Shocked Bee, and Shy Bee are the only bees that have a spelling or grammar mistake in their description.
  • A special jelly that changes a bee into a Hasty Bee can be obtained by using the code, 'HasteHelper' (expired).
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