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The Honey Wreath's appearance after the player completed the "Black Bear's Honey Wreath" quest.

The Honey Wreath was one of the Beesmas 2020 Machines which could have been unlocked after completing Black Bear's Honey Wreath quest.

When used, it converted all pollen in the player's bag into honey, scattering 8 honey tokens around them for them to collect. It had a cooldown of 30 minutes. Using the Honey Wreath was required for a few of Bee Bear's quests during his 2020 visit, and it was required for Honey Bee's Beesmas Quest.

If the player attempted to use the Honey Wreath without any pollen in their bag, it would still scatter 8 honey tokens. Each one will give a base of 100 honey, totaling to 800 honey.

The Honey Wreath could have been upgraded by completing Honey Bee's Beesmas 2020 quest. This would cause it to grant 50% more honey and also summon a level 20 Honey Bee.


Before completing Black Bear's quest, it would look like an ordinary wreath, and did not have the honey icons decorated on around it. After completing his quest, the wreath is decorated with honey icons and the Flight of the Bumble Egg. It is located between Black Bear and the ticket tent, making it available to any player that has completed the quest. If the player completed Honey Bee's "Honey Bee's Honey Wreath?" quest, it would have a Gifted Honey Bee face in the center of the wreath.



  • The egg that was hung on the wreath is the Flight of the Bumble Bee Egg. It is a limited item that could be worn on your avatar. It was only obtainable during the Egg Hunt 2019 event.
  • Similar to Coconuts, the amount of honey received from the wreath is increased by Honey From Tokens.
  • If the player attempted to use the Honey Wreath before it was decorated, it will display text saying "This Wreath looks frankly uninspired..."
  • This was one of the 4 machines that grants the player temporary bees (only if the “Honey Bee’s Honey Wreath?” quest is completed), the others being the Honeyday Candles, the Gummy Beacon and Onett's Lid Art.
  • The Honey Bee Picture inside the Wreath is a Model of a Gifted Honey Bee with no Wings.
  • The Honey Bee given by Honey Wreath will collect pollen for the player and will also be able to attack the mobs the player's actual bees are attacking. e.g. if the player's bees attack the King Beetle, the bees summoned from the Honeyday Candles will also attack the King Beetle. However, if the player go to their hive to convert their pollen, the bees given by Honey Wreath will not convert any pollen and will just fly around the player.
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