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Honeyday Candles after completing Gifted Riley Bee's Beesmas 2020 Quest.

Honeyday Candles was a machine that sat right next to the Red HQ's ladder. They could be used every 4 hours and after completing Gifted Riley Bee's Beesmas 2020 quest. Upon use, it gave the player 3 random red bees (all level 10) for 15-30 minutes, and a Swirled Wax.

When a player attempted to use this without completing Gifted Riley Bee's Beesmas 2020 Quest, the following message would say: "The red bees are having trouble lighting the candles...".

Bees given by Honeyday Candles would collect pollen for the player and would also be able to attack the mobs the player's actual bees were attacking. e.g. if the player's bees attack the King Beetle, the bees summoned from the Honeyday Candles would also attack the King Beetle. However, they were unable to convert at the hive.

The Candles could give the following bees:


  • This was one of the four machines that granted the player temporary bees, the others being Onett's Lid Art, Gummy Beacon, and the Honey Wreath (after completing Honey Bee's Beesmas quest).
  • There was a glitch where when the player left, the bees generated would stay in place until they despawned.
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