The Honeystorm summoner.

A Honeystorm is a server-wide event that can be summoned by using the pad near Brown Bear by anyone who has discovered four Legendary bee types. When summoned, a server-wide announcement will state, "{Username} has summoned a Honeystorm!". Upon being summoned, a golden-yellow fog will appear along with a multitude of honey tokens and some ticket tokens that will begin to randomly appear across all fields. The storm lasts for 20 seconds and has a cooldown of four hours. It can also be randomly triggered, in which the announcement says, "A Honeystorm has been summoned!"

When a honeystorm is summoned, there is a distorted voice clip of IcedTeaLatte saying "Honeystorm", and the honey tokens make raindrop-like popping noises when they appear.

Fields with bigger flowers give higher amounts of honey per token, with their totals being increased by the Honey From Tokens stat. These honey tokens also despawn faster than normal honey tokens.



  • A honeystorm can usually lag players, especially those with bad wifi/low end devices when summoned, This commonly happens to players in a server with low-end devices/bad wifi causing them to lag when a honeystorm has been summoned.
  • The fog is usually honey-colored, but during the Beesmas events, the fog was white.
  • It can help for quests that require honey tokens, such as Honey Bee's quests.
  • This and the Special Sprout Summoner are the only machines that require the player to discover Legendary bee types to be used, with this requiring 4 and the Special Sprout Summoner requiring 8.
  • A honeystorm will light up the Werewolf's Cave enough so that the cave monsters are visible.
  • There is a glitch where if a switch between day and night occurs while a honeystorm is active, the fog will disappear. This is purely visual and the honeystorm will still function as normal.
  • There was a short-lived issue around 5/26/2018 that caused the Honeystorm Summoner to be removed. If a player encountered a server without a Honeystorm Summoner, they could simply leave the game and come back. This was, of course, fixed later.
  • After the 9/10/2018 update, the Honeystorm Summoner was moved and the Wealth Clock now sits in its former spot. Now it is located between the Clover Field and Blue HQ.
  • Upon receiving the quest "Witness Grandeur," Spirit Bear summons a honeystorm.
  • According to Bee Bear, Bubble Bee Man summons the honeystorms.
  • If you summon Honeystorms at night, the fog will stay even after the storm until daytime.
  • Honeystorms can stack with other honeystorms.
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