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An Instant Converter.

The Instant Converter is a machine used to immediately convert pollen into honey, similar to a hive, but instantly and without the use of bees.

There are three Instant Converters that can be found in the game:

  1. Behind the Basic Egg Shop, next to the Sunflower Field; this one is available to all players.
  2. Just around the corner from the Brave Bee Gate; the player will need 10 bees to access it.
  3. Next to the Mountain Top Field; the player will need 25 bees to access it.

Each machine costs one ticket to use and has an independent cooldown of 15 minutes.

The player's Honey Per Pollen rate also applies to the Instant Converter, just like it would at the hive.


  • The player can use an Instant Converter to squeeze in one more trip to a boosted field. This can be useful when they know that going back to their hive and waiting for their bees to convert their pollen would take longer than the time left on a boost.
  • It is more cost-effective to use an Instant Converter when the player's bag is full since it's a flat cost.
  • Keep in mind that the cooldown of an Instant Converter is the same as the duration of a field boost, which means the same converter cannot be used twice during a field boost unless the player uses glitter and/or any other mechanic that gives a field boost.


  • The player can jump inside the chute of the converter in the Brave Bee Gate, which leads to the White Tunnel where Tunnel Bear spawns. There's a pad in the middle of the tunnel that will teleport the player on top of the converter behind the Basic Egg Shop.
  • It is possible to get stuck in an Instant Converter.
  • Before the 7/11/2018 update, the Instant Converter in the 10 Bee Zone was the only one available in the entire game, and had a cooldown of only 10 minutes.
  • Before the 7/11/2018 update, the conveyor belt in the Instant Converter would push the player out of it.
  • Behind the converter in the Brave Bee Area, there is a question that asks 'Black Bear's Title?'. This question is a hint to the code, 'Connoisseur', as Black Bear claims to be a Honey Connoisseur in the dialogue of his first quest.

The 'Black Bear's Title?' code hint behind the Brave Bee Gate Instant Converter.

  • According to Spirit Bear, it was planned for an Instant Converter to be built on the spot where the Wind Shrine sits now.
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