King Beetle in its lair.

The interior of the King Beetle's Lair.

The ‘Song Name’ Hint in the corner of the lair.

King Beetle's Lair is the location where King Beetle spawns. It can be accessed from the light green door between Blue HQ and under the Clover Field and next to the far end of the Blue Flower Field. Inside the lair, the exit can be accessed by climbing a ladder leaning on one of the walls in the lair. The interior of the lair is completely empty, except for the ladder for leaving. Both doors are one-way. The player will be pushed through either door if they stand too close, even if they aren’t moving. The entrance to the lair cycles in color, so it stands out from the rest of the environment.

The entrance to King Beetle's Lair.

It is located right under Clover Field and is between the Blue Flower Field and the Noob Shop.

The King Beetle spawns on the back wall adjacent to the Noob Shop and Lava Obby.

Near the back right corner of the lair, there is some text on the floor: "Song Name". It refers to the song that plays inside the lair and is a hint to the code, "Crawlers".


This audio is known as "Crawlers" and also plays inside the Commando Chick's Hideout and the White Tunnel.



  • In early game versions, if players went too close to the side of the lair that is closest to the Noob Shop, they could die due to a lava block clipping into the wall from the lava obby. This was later patched.
  • If Rogue Vicious Bee is attacking someone in the Clover Field while in the lair, the bottom of some of its spikes can be seen before they push up to the ground.
  • The bottom of the post for the Honeystorm Summoner sign pokes into the top of the lair.
  • If there is a sprout in the Clover Field, the bottom of its light column and the remaining pollen number are visible in the lair.
  • There is a glitch where the King Beetle can fail to lunge and get stuck when in the 'Song Name' corner.
  • During the Beesmas 2018 Event, the red roof of the lair could be seen on the sides of the flower blocks in the Clover Field.
    • However, the red roof's glow near the Noob Shop wall is still visible even when it was not snowy.
  • The Spark Staff can collect pollen from the Clover Field inside the lair if the player continuously jumps.
  • If the player has enough Jump Power and jumps high enough, the rhino beetle and ladybug in the Clover Field can be triggered and the player's bees may think that they are in the Clover Field and start collecting pollen.
  • The entrance to the lair is lighter than the color of the surrounding ground and slightly changes in.
  • The cycling colors of the entrance matches the cycling colors and pattern of any supreme-tier amulet.
  • If there is a cloud in the Clover Field, the rain will appear to be falling into the lair.
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