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The Mantis is a mob that defends the Pineapple Patch and the Pine Tree Forest.

It takes 20 minutes for a mantis to respawn after being defeated (17 minutes if the player has Gifted Vicious Bee).

This mob's level can range from 4-6 depending on the field it is located at.

The mantis is green with red circle eyes. Its arms stick out, similar to a praying mantis.


Field Quantity Level
Pineapple Patch 1 (with 1 rhino beetle) 4
Pine Tree Forest 2 5 (on left)

6 (on right)





Due to the Mantis' long attack range, the player’s bees normally won’t target it until they get closer/when the mantis itself attacks. Try to get at the very edge of its enormous jump range. Then, when it stops to get ready to attack, walk in a very wide circle around it. If done correctly, the mantis will undershoot and land where you were a few seconds before. This is often close enough for your bees to start attacking, even once it retreats back. Also, keep in mind the Frozen Field Defenders Glitch can be used to defeat it, just like with most other mobs. When a mantis is stuck in an object, the player can also defeat it more easily.


  • When a bear gives a quest that involves more than one mantis, its plural form is spelled incorrectly, such as "4 Mantiss" rather than "4 Mantises" or "4 Mantis"; This was fixed in an unknown time.
    • In Bee Bear's dialogue for his quests, he asks you to defeat x "Mantises", but in the quest list, it still says "Mantiss".
  • In Bee Bear's quest, β€˜BEE-liz Honey-dad’, he told the player to defeat 10 Mantises, but if the player talked to him again, he didn't mention this.
  • The mantis in the Pineapple Patch can get stuck in the wall surrounding the field or in the smaller pineapple behind the Treat Dispenser, though this is rare.
    • Before the 9/28/2019 update, the pine trees in the Pine Tree Forest could be collided with and the mantises could get stuck in them.
  • Mantises have the longest attack jump length of any mob, only rivaled by the werewolf. Because of this, the mantises can jump outside of the field that they're defending into others.
  • The mantis has the same respawn time as the scorpion.
  • During Beesmas 2020, you could get the Beesmas Top from the Mantis.
  • As stated by Number1Riker, a former moderator of the Bee Swarm Simulator Discord server, the Mantis was originally supposed to be a cricket before being changed into the former. The reason for the change is unknown.
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