Mazes are secret areas in the game that contain items inside of them. To obtain these items, the player needs to navigate the mazes and find them. There are currently two mazes that exist in the game, each located in their own respective location.

Blue Maze

The Blue Maze is located next to the Ticket Tent in the back. It was added in the Egg Hunt 2019 Update. This requires no bee requisites to enter.

Inside the maze, the player can obtain 5 tickets by taking a left first and then right, and a jelly bean token by taking the path on the right. The player can also find a star jelly token on the right, but it is blocked by a glass wall. It can be obtained by going through a passage in the Petal Shop.

Spotted Chicks can spawn in this maze.

Pro Shop Maze

The Pro Shop Maze is located behind Pro Bear in the Pro Shop. It requires at least 10 bees to pass through the Brave Bee Gate, where the Pro Shop is located.

The player can obtain a royal jelly by going forward to the end and turning two times, then going to the first opening that you see. Follow through it to find the royal jelly token.

There is also a sunflower seed token inside the maze that awards 10 sunflower seeds. The player can obtain it by the same path as the Royal Jelly, but instead of turning on the last right, you go to the end of the hall and follow through the last corridor.

If you're close enough, you can grab both tokens through the walls, making collecting them easier.



  • Before the Egg Hunt 2019 ended on 5/13/2019, there was a plastic egg in place of the ticket token and the Mysterious Figure was in the Blue Maze in place of the star jelly token. These have been removed in the following minor update, as well as other Egg Hunt content with it. The room it was located in is still present, however.
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