The Memory Match Screen.

Memory Match is a match-style minigame found throughout the game. The goal is to match as many pairs possible in order to win items. There are four of these venues that can be used. The cost of each venue have varying amounts of honey (See "Locations").


Players will need to have the required amount of bees in order to access them. The four venues cost differing amounts of honey to use along with shorter/longer cooldowns due to the available items that can be won. Starting some Spirit Bear's quests can also start a Memory Match game.


The Extreme Memory Match screen.

When it is used, a screen will pop up with a 4x4 (5x4 for Extreme and Winter), card screen. A player has a limited amount of chances to match cards together. They can gain more chances if they have the required badge and its rank in order to get it. Venues with rarer rewards require more honey, a better badge rank, and a longer cooldown.

If no matches are made, a message will appear in the chat, saying, "Better luck next time!"

If at least one match is made, a message will appear in the chat, saying, "Winner!", with the items received shown afterwards.


The following audio plays when a card is flipped over:

The following audio plays when a pair is correctly matched:


Currently, four of these machines can be found in the game.

Name Location Cost Field Badges for Bonus Chances Cooldown Prerequisites
Memory Match In front of the Pro Shop. 25,000 Honey 2 hours 10 bees
Mega Memory Match Inside the Badge Bearer's Guild. 500,000 Honey 4 hours 15 bees, 15 badges
Night Memory Match Near Bubble Bee Man inside the Bear Gate. 5,000,000 Honey 8 hours 30 bees, nighttime, moon amulet
Extreme Memory Match Near the Pepper Patch. 25,000,000 Honey 8 hours 35 bees
Winter Memory Match (Removed) Near the Tan Gift Box inside a room beside the Honey Bee 100 Snowflakes

4 hours "Spirit Bear's Galentine Shrine" quest completed


Memory Match

Mega Memory Match

  • 50 treats.
  • 25 sunflower seeds.
  • 25 blueberries.
  • 25 strawberries.
  • 25 pineapples.
  • 3 royal jellies (up to 2 pairs at once).
  • 10 gumdrops.
  • 10 moon charms.
  • Tickets (increments of 3 or 10).
  • 1 jelly bean.
  • 2 micro-converters.
  • 2 field dices.
  • Magic beans (increments of 1 or 5).
  • 1 oil.
  • 1 enzymes.
  • Glitter (increments of 1 or 5).
  • 1 glue.
  • 1 blue extract.
  • 1 red extract.
  • 3 stingers.
  • 1 star jelly. (Rare)
  • 1 tropical drink. (Very rare)
  • 3 coconuts.

Night Memory Match

  • 500 treats.
  • 25 moon charms (up to 2 pairs at once).
  • 5 tickets.
  • 3 micro-converters.
  • 3 field dice.
  • 1 magic bean.
  • 1 glue.
  • 1 oil.
  • 1 enzymes.
  • 5 stingers.
  • 1 glitter.
  • 1 star jelly.
  • 1 star treat. (Extremely Rare)
  • 1 night bell. (Rare)
  • 1 star egg. (Very Rare)

Extreme Memory Match

  • Treats (increments of 500 or 2500).
  • 200 sunflower seeds.
  • 200 blueberries.
  • 200 strawberries.
  • 200 pineapples.
  • 25 royal jellies (up to 2 pairs at once).
  • 25 gumdrops.
  • Tickets (increments of 5, 10 or 15).
  • 3 micro-converters.
  • 3 jelly beans.
  • 1 magic bean.
  • 3 oils.
  • 3 enzymes.
  • 3 blue extracts.
  • 3 red extracts.
  • 5 stingers.
  • Glitter (increments of 1 or 5).
  • Star jellies (increments of 1 or 3).
  • 5 coconuts.
  • 1 tropical drink.
  • 1 cloud vial.
  • 1 gold egg (very rare).
  • 1 diamond egg (very rare).
  • 1 mythic egg (extremely rare).
  • 1 star treat (extremely rare).

Winter Memory Match

Waving-hand-sign 1f44b.png This piece of content goes bye bye.

The following content has been removed from the game. The contents below may be archival, but feel free to edit below.

The Winter Memory Match was a memory match added in the Beesmas 2020 update. It was located near the Pine Tree Forest and the Tan Gift Box. It was a limited time memory match, and has since been removed following the Beesmas 2020 event's ending. It had a cooldown of 4 hours before you could use it again, and cost 100 snowflakes to use with a base amount of five chances. You could only play it after you had completed Spirit Bear's Beesmas 2020 quest.

When a player attempted to use this without completing Spirit Bear's Beesmas quest, the following message appeared: "Looks like you need a membership of some sort to play winter memory match...".



  • If the player starts a new memory match game while one is already active, the new one will not start, and the fee and new cooldown for the next memory match will still happen.
  • The Winter Memory Match was the only match that was limited and did not cost honey. Instead, it cost snowflakes.
  • There was a glitch with the winter memory match when you didn't have enough snowflakes. Instead of saying "You need 100 snowflakes to play Winter Memory Match", the message said "And to You need 100 snowflakes to play Winter Memory Match"
  • The chances of getting any prizes on every Memory Match excluding Extreme Memory Match are about 37% for 3 chances, 46% for 4 chances, 54% for 5 chances, and 60% for 6 chances. The Extreme Memory Match has a 45% chance to reward the player if they receive 5 chances, 51% for 6 chances, 56% for 7 chances, and 61% for 8 chances.
  • In the Memory Match, the royal jellies are usually next to each other.


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