King Beetle (a mob) being attacked.

Stuck Mantis

A Mantis (also a mob) stuck in a pine tree.

RobloxScreenShot20190202 104748866

Tokens dropped by a mob.

There are twenty-nine different types of enemies/creatures (colloquially called “mobs”) in Bee Swarm Simulator.

Other than ants, the most frequently occurring mob is the rhino beetle, as there are five of them in the game. The least frequently occurring mob is the Stump Snail, respawning in 96 hours (4 days) or 81 hours and 36 minutes (if you have a Gifted Vicious Bee) upon defeat.

You can't fight the mobs yourself; only your bees can. One method for defeating mobs that reliably works for any mob that defends a field (everything other than the King Beetle, Tunnel Bear, ants, the cave monsters, Stick Bug, Rogue Vicious Bee, Wild Windy Bee, and the Commando Chick), with the exception of the Coconut Crab and the Mondo Chick, is to jump continuously. It is one of the glitches where when jumping, mobs will freeze and not attack which leads to your bees thinking the mob isn't a threat and not attack it. You do have to make sure your bees "know" to attack a mob before starting to jump - if the mob hasn't started attacking you. Before the 2/1/2019 update, rewards from defeating any mob was sent to the player's inventory immediately after the mob is defeated. After the update, the mobs were altered to drop a ring of tokens around it instead (battle points don't spawn as a token). Other players can't collect tokens dropped by the mob if the mob isn't spawned by them. The tokens can be collected by a token link token, unless the rewards are from public mobs, meaning other players can collect the drops regardless of whether they attacked it or not.

Mobs have levels that are shown next to their name. If your bees are a lower level than the mob they're attacking, they have a chance of missing their attacks depending on how far the level of the bee is from the level of the mob being attacked. This basically means that the lower the level of the bee, the more likely a mob that has a higher level than the bee attacking will deflect or dodge the bee's attacks.

Some mobs are considered passive. This means that they will not attack the player. These include bean bugs, frogs, fireflies, chicks, spotted chicks, and hostage chicks.

While some mobs are considered Bosses, others do not qualify for this designation. These mobs are called Mini-Bosses, distinct from regular mobs but not qualifying as a boss. Wild Windy Bee, Rogue Vicious Bee, and Stump Snail are all in this category.

Daylight Saving Time will affect the respawn time of the Stump Snail, King Beetle, and Tunnel Bear.

Loot Luck has the ability to directly affect the quantity and quality of the rewards that mobs can drop upon defeat.

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