The Mountain Top Shop at an angle.

The Mountain Top Shop, also called the Glider Shop, is a shop located past the Lion Bee Gate. Before the Mountain Top Field's name was known, this shop used to be called the 25 Bee Shop. The shop sells various high-end items and is currently run by Top Bear. Before the 7/11/2018 update, it was not run by any bear.

There is a royal jelly token on the roof and a ticket token in a corner inside the shop. In addition, the respawn timer for the Mondo Chick can be found on the side facing the Mountain Top Field. The Mondo Present was also located on top of the Mountain Top Shop in Beesmas 2019, requiring 12 ornaments to open. The Mondo Gift Box, requiring 14 NPCs helped, replaced the Mondo Present during Beesmas 2020.

Item Cost Description
Golden Rake.png
Golden Rake
20,000,000 honey. Collects 7 pollen from 4 lines of 4 patches in 0.75 seconds.

Every 5th scoop is supercharged to reach farther and collect more!

Spark Staff.png
Spark Staff
60,000,000 honey. Collects ALL pollen from the 3 tallest nearby flowers in 0.6 seconds.
Porcelain Dipper.png
Porcelain Dipper
150,000,000 honey. Collects 3 pollen from 49 surrounding patches in 0.7 seconds, increasing white pollen by 50%.

Every 10th scoop summons a pillar of light that collects massive pollen!

Item Cost Description
Porcelain Port-O-Hive.png
Porcelain Port-O-Hive
250,000,000 honey. A rare and precious Port-O-Hive that boosts white pollen.

Item Cost Description
Beekeeper's Boots.png
Beekeeper's Boots

15,000,000 honey, 5 oil, 3 blue extracts, 3 red extracts. It could've also been obtained by finishing Sun Bear's quests before he left during his second visit.

Practical and stylish boots that aid in the beekeeping process.

Beekeeper's Mask
20,000,000 honey, 5 enzymes, 3 glue, 1 glitter. A veiled hat only worn by real-deal beekeepers.

Mondo Belt Bag.PNG
Mondo Belt Bag
12,400,000 honey, 150 pineapples, 150 sunflower seeds, and 10 stingers. It could've also been obtained by completing Sun Bear's quests before he left during his first visit. A convenient pouch designed for easy access.

5,000,000 honey. Floats much faster than the Parachute, allowing you to fly through the sky! Press jump while in the air to open.
Hive Slot
3,000,000*honey (Price increases every time you buy one). Increases the capacity of your hive, allowing you to hatch an additional bee!

Item Cost Description
50,000 honey. Removes a bee from the hive.



  • This shop contains the second-best tool and bag in the game, the best being the Petal Wand and the Coconut Canister respectively.
  • This shop is the only place in the game where the player can purchase additional hive slots.
  • Top Bear was introduced in 7/11/2018 update, which means this shop was once not run by any bear.
  • This shop used to have the eviction for sale until the 9/28/2019 update, when it was removed.
  • When the game was first released, the only item in this shop was the Glider until the 4/10/2018 update added the Beekeeper's Mask and Hive Slots.
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